Why Wasn’t 9/11 Predicted?

Many religious leaders woke up on September 11, 2001 to breaking news. Some of them reacted with shock and profound sorrow, like the rest of us. Others had to wipe the drool from their lips. But during those weeks of hype and rhetoric buzzing around the most prophecy-fixated of the Armstrong cults, PCG, one curious fact went unnoticed. “That prophet” was caught with his pants down! Flurry never saw this earth-shattering, world-changing event coming. Why not?

Why could he only exploit the tragedy after the fact? That’s not impressive. It’s evidence of nothing except Flurry’s douchebaggery. If Flurry’s god really wanted to accomplish the “Work” Flurry has imagined for him, a prediction of 9/11, sent through his chosen prophet, would seem to be a no-brainer.

Think about it. Flurry makes the following claims for his god:

1) He wants to warn the whole world about its impending doom.

2) He is doing this through Flurry.

3) He wants to give the whole world enough evidence in support of his message that they will be “without excuse” when it comes to pass.

Thus far he has provided no such evidence. However, 9/11 was a single, dramatic event that the whole world noticed. If it had been genuinely predicted by Flurry’s god, through Flurry, he would have been expertly positioned to promote Flurry’s message on the grand scale Flurry spuriously claims it already enjoys.

The fact that he didn’t take advantage of such an opportunity is an indication that this god is either stupid or non-existent. In other words, Flurry’s failure to predict 9/11 is not only an indictment against his self-proclaimed status as a prophet, but against the entire belief system he attempts (in his wobbly fashion) to stand for.

The proponents of biblical prophecy love to harp on us skeptics being “without excuse,” but when it comes to putting up some evidence that prophecy has ever actually predicted anything, their efforts are lackluster to say the least. But what a coup it would be for them if 9/11 had been foretold! Except that it wasn’t. And that counts as evidence against their claims.


7 thoughts on “Why Wasn’t 9/11 Predicted?

  1. Great comment @Splintersurfer! You’ve got a firm grasp on their tactics. Flurry has an “answer” for everything, and since it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense for his followers to swallow it he’s produced some real doozies over the years.

  2. “Anything is possible with that guy.”

    True. And you mention some likely rationalizations. But then the question becomes, “What would the situation look like if these rationalizations were false?” The answer, of course, is that the situation if they were false would look precisely the same as if they were true. In other words, they are exceedingly weak arguments with no basis in reality. They are what is called “just so stories,” and when used in the form of an argument they are examples of the ad hoc fallacy. Otherwise known as “making shit up,” in case I wasn’t clear.

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  4. When I woke up late 9/11/01 and saw on TV what had happened, my first thought as a COG member was obvious. “Europe did it. The E.U. was so upset with President Bush that it united overnight — ‘so fast it will make your head spin’ — and launched the attack!”

    I’d been taught for so long that Europe was the invading hoard that no other group COULD have done it.

    Wrong. And to this day, I haven’t heard a single COG explain how they missed it — much less repent of their error.

  5. Flurry is a funny sort of prophet. A real prophet tells what *will* happen. Flurry basically waits for something to happen and then “explains” it after the fact, finding some OT prophecy to tie the event in with. Heck, if I had as many commentaries as he has, I could do that too.

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