Mark of Truth: An Open Letter to the PCG Ministry

Greetings Cowards,

We’ve been made aware through our network of contacts within your organization that you have excommunicated and “marked” us. We have been waiting for this. We know you have been reading us, and that our content has frightened you. We are also certain that you have been hesitant to speak our names aloud from the pulpit, for fear that you might pique the curiosity of your impressionable teens and stragglers. But now the die has been cast: we have crossed the Rubicon, so to speak…and you have a wolf by the ears.


This guy is with you for the long haul. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.


Yes, we know, just a small wolf, but we’re hungry and mean and bold. Note the sharpness of the fangs as they flash at you, the ripple of lean muscle, the sheen of the bristling coat. These are indicators of a fierce vitality. We are unburdened by a following of sheep fattened for the slaughter. We have no need to be careful or diplomatic, no notion of the comforts you take for granted, no bloated and corrupt bureaucracy to manage, and the pursuit of public acceptance is alien to our wolf’s brain. We are singular in our focus. We can smell the stench of fear on you, and we salivate at it.

Marking us will not stop or slow us, even if our loved-ones are still in your clutches (which in most cases they are not, thank Reason). You see, when you taught us to love the truth, you created something of a monster. And that monster is now out of your hands and out of control. We love the truth more than anything or anyone, more than our pets, our families, our former imaginary friend in the sky…more than the social institution we once called home. You never heard us begging you to take us back. We won’t be coming back. We’re not afraid of your fact-deprived threats and we won’t be shamed, because we possess the moral high ground. Your “brotherhood” is a coven of liars and lunatics, vile intellectual perverts who destroy families, financially rape households, and warp defenseless young minds with indoctrination in depraved nonsense, withering their incredible human potential before they can have the opportunity to develop it. You get nothing from the publicity you give us: all marking us does is increase our readership. And for that we are much obliged.

You preach a devil, the arch-enemy of your god’s “work.” Some of you know that neither of these creatures exist (the rest of you are to some degree honest fools), but you do have an adversary. More than one in fact. You might say we are legion. Look out upon your flock. The teenage girl diligently taking notes and flipping through her Bible at your command. She is one of us. The war veteran sitting next to his doting wife, both of them still bright of eye and sharp as tacks. There’s two more of us. The minister in training, who knows your teachings better than you do. He’s another one. And out here in the wide open world beyond the walls of your totalitarian conclave, out here where information flows freely, we speak often one to another, and we have a work of our own. It is not the work of any one man, nor of any mythological being, rather it is the work of the mob, and therein lies its tremendous power to bring about change. You, hiding behind your pulpits, fattened by your self-serving lies, leavened by the idiotic loyalty of your mindless sheep, and tied down to the worship of a man, are not equipped to deal with the revolution you now face.

We, the wolfish mob, will systematically devour your lies with truth, “picking off” the noble doubters one by one and setting them free (either to leave you immediately or to first spend some time tearing you down from within, as they wish), until all you have left are the somnolent sheep you crave so well. Then you will experience in full the folly of leading an army of minions who can only do–and think–what they are told. And their children, whose minds you will twist in every imaginable way, they will one day become rebellious. And we will be waiting for them. With the truth. It will be the death of your fool’s cult. It will be slow and painful, surely, but that’s all the same to us. We enjoy our work.


Your Worst Nightmare

P.S.: Happy Halloween!


9 thoughts on “Mark of Truth: An Open Letter to the PCG Ministry

  1. “Need a 4th member on your staff?”

    Well, I don’t want to jump the gun too much, but there may be some little thing in the works… We’ll let you know how it develops (you too, Kruser, as you expressed a similar interest).

  2. Hey, great letter. The PCG is so full of lies. I was kicked out for not paying tithes after I lost my job for refusing to bow to immoral pressures at work. The truth really does set one free. By following it relentlessly I finally saw through more and more of their lies, like all the edits the Flurries are making to HWA’s works including MOA. I am never going back to any COG. I have some plans on how to bring them down and break through their choke-hold on information.

    • You have some plans, do you, Chuck? I’m intrigued, but I think we should talk somewhere that’s a little more…secure. Click on my image and you should see my email address. Good to have you on the side of truth, justice, and the American Way, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Just a thought … “Raising the Ruins” should have been called “Raiding the Ruins” or maybe “Raping the Ruins”.

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