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The ex-CoG community is a diverse group (as we hope has recently been made abundantly clear to you, fearless reader, if you didn’t already know it). For this reason, we the editors are having trouble descrying your desires via the usual method (cleromancy, if it must be known). Please assist us with an act of direct revelation! We will certainly take your feedback under advisement (but please note: we are highly resistant to entering into any binding contracts with higher powers.) Now, where did I put my Urim…?


28 thoughts on “Tell Us What 2 Write!

  1. I like your approach: Science, Logic, Pursuit of the Facts, Rejection of Rubbish. All Good stuff.

    At the core, I’m pretty sure that we would like to see the death of Armstrongism and your attack of Armstrong Delusions has been very much on track.

  2. Casey, not to worry: There are too many angry borderline people out there who will not change no matter what. Prophecy feeds their rage and bitterness and who better to supply them with their fix than the Armstrongists.

    So no, the fun continues.

  3. So far, nobody wants to hear about evolution but me. 😦 Well, too bad! We’re going to clear that up, against all your wills! You will eat your peas. (We’ll sugar them, though, with wit and fancy rhetoric, such as we can.) This is important, people! More important than the paper cut you got on your poor little pinky from turning hymnal pages, as personally interesting as that might be. You don’t want to be like this guy. Do you?

  4. I think the combined efforts of COG critics is doing a good job of beating down the movement. I think Flurry is on the way out (slowly but surely). He has almost NO new people from “the world” and by now people in the splinters are probably all aware of his rubbish so I can only see him going downhill. He will have a hard time reinventing himself since he and HWA are being badly exposed. A bigger problem could be the COGs that are distancing themselves (so I heard) from HWA and reinventing themselves (to some degree). This might breathe new life into the movement. I think we need to focus more on the other large splinters, especially the LCG which I’ve heard is growing.

    I would also like to see accurate exposes of individual ministers, naming names, so people can see what some of these hypocrites are really like.

    • I agree with all of this. But, regarding the exposing of specific ministers, I just don’t have a dog in that fight, personally. I mean, the thing that gets to me is the false teachings. That’s something I can get excited about. So I leave it to others to talk about personal abuse, horror stories and the evil minister X who said mean thing Y.

      Now, ridiculing specific ministers–that I can do aplenty!

      But, no, I never really felt all that abused personally–even though I was abused in the sense that I was indoctrinated nearly from birth (the goddamn rat bastards!). I mean, there was that time that a minister told my mom she should divorce my dad (but, honestly, I think that was the one thing the cult got right), or the time I was asked by a minister if I was taking an unbaptized girl 10 years my junior out on secret dates (which would have been awesome if it were true–granted, we were doing the “pairing off” thing, but still, the charge was totally made up–he was going off rank gossip), etc. You know, things that rock-ribbed, abstract intellectuals like me don’t really care about.

      The personal interest angle just never has appealed to me. I like ideas. People and their petty trifles bore me to tears. But five of you apparently eat it up, so, you know. Different strokes.

    • Yes, there is a ton of stuff on evolution out there, obviously. Who’s writing it is the question. Usually not anti-Armstrongists. I know you don’t like it, Chuck, but evolution is a central problem to Armstrongism, and we know it. We simply can’t give it a pass. Armstrong certainly didn’t. He, following in the footsteps of his Creationist forebears, lied about it. And that’s a big lie.

  5. Oh, come on! Not one person wants to hear about Jesus?

    We could do the “historical Jesus vs. mystical Jesus” thing. No? It’s preeeetty cooo-ool. You sure? Okay. Don’t say I didn’t offer.

    I’m such an asshole.

  6. Does anybody have any reliable information on which COGs are growing and where they are getting their new people from? If those that are growing are merely attracting members away from other COGs then I think we (by which I mean Armstrongist critics collectively) are doing a good job of containing the movement. But if some COGs are getting new people from the world then we need to find out who and why and see what we can to about that.

  7. There are some good personal abuse stories over on the Exit and Support Network website, but they are a traditional Christian site. My story is posted over there (but I won’t say which one it is). Yeah, they were pretty abusive, and I could have wrote ten or twenty times as much, but I made my main points and named some names.

  8. I, for one, welcome pieces on evolution. I didn’t check it because I didn’t know what the gist would be — pro or anti. We certainly don’t need any creationist bullshit on this site.

  9. I cannot bring myself to vote. I have never been allowed to vote or give my opinion on anything. I will swallow whatever is fed to me and believe it to be inspired. I trust you had an “opening prayer” prior to writting your articles and also asked for guidance during the research….so it must be all good stuff!

  10. I would like to see more articles about why my Deity is more powerful than the so-called deities which others worship.
    And perhaps an article or two about how to not disrespect another person’s spiritual path.
    Oh, and perhaps a claymation video of my Deity kicking the other so-called deity’s asses.

  11. How about how some people attempt to distance themselves from HWA, GTA, and the WCG, while, when it comes down to it, seem to really love them/it?

    • Be patient my grumpy friend. We’re not your typical blog that tosses off an abbreviated and rambling opinion piece every day. We write articles here, see? We do actual research and bring the information to you in a carefully-crafted package. It takes a while to make art happen.

      Tell you what, though; I’ll give you a clue as to the glory you shall behold by the first of the month. There will be sex (or at least genetics) in the dust, fetuses and rock ‘n’ roll. Should be exciting.

      • Then please hurry up and write up something or I will cave in to the temptation and pick up the latest Trumpet from the newstand around the corner … I guess they pulled me off their mailing list fearing I may start using them to wrap up some pork for some of my clientele!

      • Still no articles. You are starving us!! Maybe I should write my own critic of the two-part Office of the Apostle sermon that I just got in the mail, thanks to my awesome buddy and insider mole!!

  12. I guess I can’t fault you on that approach. I don’t write blogs unless I feel I have something of value to say, so I’ll just look forward to something real meaty to come.

    • By the way, my remark about “typical blogs” was just a little good-humored ribbing. I don’t fault that approach, either. Variety is good.

      We’re trying to establish a more regular publishing routine here, actually, since we envision this as a small online magazine rather than a blog. So far we haven’t really lived up to our ideals in that department, because, let’s face it, we have lives (and there are “debates” to attend to!). Meat is on the way, though.

  13. Online magazine is intriguing. There’s no money in it, but if your goal is the distribution of facts and knowledge, that is rewarding in itself.

    I know what you mean about having lives. There’s only so much time and energy.

  14. @ Bill: Grab a snickers. Sorry for the delay, but I assure you we have been working deep into the night for the past four or five days. Your buffet should be ready in time for the weekend rush. This time I mean it. Also, can you share your mole, or do you like to keep your moles to yourself?

    • Casey: for now my mole wants to stay undercover for now since they are still considered “fit to attend and be on the tape distribution list.” The apostle sermon was the last straw for me and listening to it again just leaves me amazed at how many people swallowed that stuff! For all you PCG’ers reading this: don’t worry: I plan to have a great sabbath tomorrow when I will listen to the two sermons and take very good notes! Why, I might even do a song service while I am it: “God Who keepeth Israel, Never slumbers, never sleeps….”, Wait a minute, I thought Jesus slept and even died?!!

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