Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Oklahoma hit with the strongest quake ever recorded for the state, a 5.6! This is a clear sign—God is Angry with the PCG!

Earth-shaking news! hehehe...

Oh, wait, no that can’t be; they are God’s church doing his work! Hmmm…oh yes: Satan is getting angrier that the PCG is so effectively doing God’s Work that he earnestly wished to damage/destroy some buildings on The Land, but god deflected it to a different fault line. However, he didn’t just revoke satan’s Earthquake License. No, he simply deflected it so the people at HQ would realize it could have been closer!

It must be either those, or just another testament to fulfilled scripture (earthquakes in diverse places) and a sign that the End is Nigh.

Of course, if these folks had been around in the early to mid ’50s, they might have said the same thing. It was 1952 that the previous “record Oklahoma quake” occurred, and it was a 5.5. In 1956, three damage-causing quakes hit the Sooner state. And in general, quakes are not uncommon in OK, though their frequency has increased since about ’08. The increase equates to about 50 unnoticeable tremors a year.

No, this won’t be a long article, because we’ve written about it before:

Consider. What should we expect the world to look like had some god designed it perfectly as a habitation for us? Money growing on trees perhaps? How about food growing on pigs? No, let us not tax the Creator’s imagination so much: what about a system of thermal energy management that doesn’t necessitate (in a predictable manner) the occasional production of hellishly destructive storms, or something less inhospitable than the volcano- and earthquake-prone tectonic arrangement we currently endure? Wouldn’t our imaginary god be free in such a world to actually intervene in order to specially create “acts of God” for the expression of its displeasure?

Also, there isn’t much to say since there are numerous fault lines in Oklahoma, including one running right through Edmond.

No, this needn’t be a long article, but merely a cautionary tale to prepare people for whatever spin (with the predictability of a tornado) comes out of Edmond.


10 thoughts on “Oooooklahoma!

  1. First Saturday of the month … GRF normally scheduled to speak then. Anybody suppose he predicted this quake during his message? If not, I can guarantee he will “postdict” it when he hijacks the speaking schedule for next Saturday. So, for whoever was scheduled to speak next week, take it easy… you are off the hook this time! Sermonette dude too, we might just need to give the whole 3hrs to GRF. Song-leader, one song only and please keep the opening prayer short and simple, making sure to request to have all “scheduled” quakes and after-shakes post-poned for the reminder of the day.

    Ok, sarcasm aside, but I really would like to hear how this event gets spinned.

  2. I’m sure they will spin it to the effect that God is shining a light on them. Something like, “we are in the spotlight now and we can get the message out to everyone”!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Of course, their message will get just as far as it ever has (i.e., basically nowhere). Even with the earthquake, the average individual will continue to be unaware of the PCG idiot-work, and the inevitable lack of results will quickly be buried in the memory hole, as always. Funny how we are more capable of predicting the behaviors of “prophetic” groups than they are of predicting world events–not surprising, just ironic. Keep up the clownish charade though, guys. It’s fun to watch (and expose) your incompetent antics.

  3. It’s not only earthquakes. ABC News mentioned Sunday night Oklahoma in 2011 has seen record summer heat, a record cold morning, record snowfall, the highest wind speed, extra-large hail — and a serious drought to boot.

    If all that stuff had occurred in California, PCG assuredly would have pinned it on the state’s attempt to take over WCG in 1979. They’ve done that in articles for decades, after all.

    Yet as of Monday afternoon, the main page of was silent about the Oklahoma earthquake. Hmmmm….

  4. They did tweet about it.

    Remember all that Flurry told us in a sermon that Edmond means protector of wealth. So with all of Oklahoma experiencing what ABC reported they know God will protect them and their vanity!

  5. I was researching Jerry Oltion who wrote “What Science Means to Me” in the January / February 2012 of the “Analog Science Fiction and Fact” Magazine because I wanted rights to quote his article on a new website I’m starting up about cult science (and that fact that cults hate science for obvious reasons).

    Jerry Oltion is an atheist and yet he wrote about the wonders of the Universe. Of course, he looks to science (rightly so) as a tool to provide us the truth about why things work and even to answer the questions of life religionists are so fond of claiming science can’t answer (which, of course, it can).

    In doing the research I found a happy man at peace, living with joy, exploring and living life with happiness. He and his wife have a cat. Maybe that explains it. He has a hobby in astronomy and does nifty things. After his wife’s classic Volkswagon Beatle was totalled in a car crash, they bought it back and fully restored it so she can drive it to work — and they did a beautiful job.

    And I thought, how ironic: Armstrongists seem so unhappy — always looking for disasters to happen like some miserable depressives, hoping against hope that things will change… some day — watching the news to find out how horrible the world is, watching for anything which destroys people’s lives because it cheers them up to prove that they are right after all (in their delusions). The world is coming to an end, the Great Tribulation is upon us and everything we know will be destroyed: Hurray!!!

    There’s something absolutley mental about rejoicing in every single news report of earthquakes, wars, economies crashing, crime, conservatives trashing the liberals. There’s something evil about wanting entire segments of society to be banished and destroyed because they don’t agree with you.

    The irony abounds because Herbert Armstrong promised prosperity, joy and life more abundantly. The only thing Armstrongists have is obsession with death, doom, destruction, devastation, disease and idolizing their current leaders and founder Herbert Armstrong. It’s really sick.

    So on one hand we have a happy fulfilled life-living atheist and on the other, people living in enslaved commodities as livestock miserably giving significant amounts of their lives to false prophets who lie to them.

    It’s so amazing that the Armstrongists in their delusion don’t seem to have the wit to recognize the obvious cognitive dissonance as utter losers in life — if they did, you’d think they’d change for a happier life.

    • Wow, that is a great story, Mikey! Yep, all these religionists claim that once god is out of the picture then your life is empty and meaningless and you’ll be a depressed, hollow excuse for a person. Clearly a lack of belief in deities does not cause that, nor is a belief in them the cure for all unhappiness. Yep, just like the Westboro people, PCG (et. al.) cheer at disaster. So sad.

      R.L., good point! I hadn’t realized things were so bad there in “Native America”! And as you say, if those things were happening in Cali now Flurry would be all over it as signs of their sinful Hollywood lifestyles and “San Francisco morals”! So, why is god so angry at OK? haha!

      • “Yep, all these religionists claim that once god is out of the picture then your life is empty and meaningless and you’ll be a depressed, hollow excuse for a person.”

        The reality: Once you embrace Armstrongism [or place your favorite cult religion here], your life is empty and meaningless and you’ll be a depressed, hollow excuse for a person.

        Plus, you will become less prosperous by giving your money to the money grubbing robbers who lie to you, exchanging truth of science for personal greed.

  6. Oh, I don’t know: Insurance companies call them “Acts of God” and then refuse to pay you for the damage they caused.

    At least insurance companies seem to know to whom to give the blame and it’s not Satan (especially when money is involved).

    • Speaking of “acts of God” and insurance companies (and religions), I believe Ricky Gervais has some insight:

      ‘e is brilliant, mate!

      Jace: Yes, Satan is a god-send for christianity! “Why is there something instead of nothing?” “Goddidit.” And what is god? All powerful, all knowing, etc–the perfect Designer/Engineer (according to the popular definition). So, if he’s this all-powerful and knowing engineer, why are there these blind ants that get into death spirals (and add in whatever other sign of “bad engineering”)? “Ahh, Satan corrupted god’s perfect creation!” “How do you know?” “B/c god is perfect.” I think in this case you can use Occam’s Razor as a +3 Blade of Debunking.

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