Dear Brethren and Co-Workers!

One might be well within the bounds of reason to surmise that being disfellowshipped and Marked means our access to inside information for the PCG is severely limited, if not downright cut off completely. However, you would also be mistaken! You see, while the prospect of being cut off from friends and family does keep many in the “pews” (chairs), it is not a policy that engenders loyalty. So, in truth, PCG is merely keeping spies in their midst that would happily fade away given the chance.

More’s the pity.

However, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and that is where we come in. AD has a network of insiders passing us vital documents, like the most recent Co-Worker letter!

It would seem the Building Fund is still $7Million in the red. So, Mr. Flurry loads up a co-worker letter and begins “firing off cliches with startling precision, like a sniper using bollocks for ammunition.”

Page 1

First comes the scare tactics: Iran and Germany, blah, blah, blah. Also, our economy is failing and soon money will be useless, so give it all to us before it does so we can do God’s Work™.

Here is something Mr. Armstrong wrote in a March 26, 1968, co-worker letter that I want you to think seriously about. “As never before, your money [sic] is in danger!” If it was in danger then, what about now? Mr. Armstrong said at that time that the dollar could be devalued overnight. Well, how about that today?

So, if Mr. Armstrong said our money was in danger of being devalued overnight forty years ago, then it must be super de-duper in danger today! Seriously? Hmmm, let’s think for a minute…he was writing in the years before everything he was preaching about 1975 in Prophecy utterly failed to happen. So, since 1975 was still a viable date for Judgment Day, he was writing in that context. Since (as previously noted) nothing at all happened, then that means He Was Wrong–not that he was right then and now he must be Ultra Right (which, coincidentally, seems to be PCG’s political/ideological leanings).

Chalk up another revelation from the Memory Hole! You see, Flurry writes about how right HWA was forty years ago and leaves the failure of the 1975 context in the nearest memory hole, to be swept to the great furnaces below. Not today, folks.

So, the work is an investment, and they’re trying to grow their web and mobile presence, but…


Page 2

Now comes the guilt trip that unsubtly pervades the remaining pages (only 5 pages long, so don’t run in fear).

…our building fund donations are $700,000 less than they were last year. I want you to think about that.

Before we built Armstrong Auditorium, we sent a letter to our Church members only, asking for pledges to the building fund. We used those pledges to determine how much we could invest in construction and loan repayment until all the construction costs were repaid in full. We’ve enjoyed using the auditorium for over a year now, but we still have a big balance left on the loan–over $7Million.

Have we kept our pledge to God that we would contribute toward this project until it is paid off?

Nice. Very clever. I see what you did there! Instead of asking “have you kept your pledge to god and paid the amount you pledged”, he asks if everyone has kept their pledge to keep paying until it is all paid for. Tricksy Apostleses.

I know this is a difficult time financially, and we do have unemployment problems among our members and supporters. But as Mr. Armstrong always said, God blesses us as our ways please Him. The needs of the work have never been greater. And if our ways are pleasing God, no recession or depression could make a bit of difference.

Obviously, he is aiming that statement at the terrible un-pledge-keeping lukewarm sheep, yet he is condemned out of his own mouth! He never thinks for a moment, in his unabashed hubris, that perhaps he and his church maybe aren’t pleasing god and so that’s why he isn’t blessing them. Nope. They’re wonderful! It is the stupid people who aren’t giving to the point they have nothing but pop-tarts to eat who are at fault!


This is not a money issue. God could send us a trillion dollars tomorrow, or tonight, or today to pay for his house. I’m not concerned about money. I’m concerned about something far, far greater!

This is a faith issue–a character issue.

And there we go. It isn’t about money, it is simply that the lack thereof is a sign–a sign you aren’t faithful enough and don’t have enough character! Now, let me browbeat you ’til you start giving money out of a confused correlation between money and character.

I seem to remember even Old Herbert saying something about “too much Protestantism seeping into the church”. A glossed-over section of the celebrated Protestant Work Ethic is that:

money = righteousness

If you are righteous, God will bless you financially. Of course, most religions tell you that, but the Protestants worked harder at it. I know correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation, but I think we can definitely establish a causal relationship between working hard and earning more money (more so than those who don’t work hard and just pray for the money).

It was interesting, earlier, how Flurry mentioned that he realized there were “unemployment problems”, and yet he can’t seem to imagine why that would be other than “goddunit” through the mechanism of cursing those insufficiently righteous (or as a test of faith). I’m sure he’s heard that unemployment is 9%. As of July, 2009, the US population was 307 million. 9% of that is around 27 million. That is approximately half a million per state. 500,000 unemployed per state. In short, it is an employer’s paradise. Don’t like one of your employees? Fire him–there’s 50 more in line behind him. Now, how many people are going to be fired for not working on Saturday, or for taking random other days off, or for taking two weeks off every autumn to go on holiday? That’s the world we live in, not the magical fairy world of “if you give lots of money to the Work then god will keep you in your job no matter if the unemployment rate is 19%”. Well, technically, that could be true, but as there is no clear (or even muddled) indicator of what the actual work of the actual god (whether of the christian persuasion, or some other) might be…then, yeah, statistically speaking, we don’t live in a world like that.

God loves to see us putting the needs of His Work above our own desires.

No doubt Flurry loves it, too. And no doubt the Divine Right monarchs of the Middle Ages loved to see the people do the same–they were Kings because God said so, so the heavy taxes we ask of you peasants is simply going to do the will of God, which is whatever the will of the King is because God made him King. So there! Game. Set. Match.

What?? (Flurry says) No, that’s not what I meant at all!

Did you notice that I addressed this letter to you as a co-worker with Christ? Maybe you never realized it, but that is what God has called you to be: a co-worker WITH Christ! Not just a worker for Christ, but a fellow-worker with Him!

You see? He’s not some corrupt Czar who claims “Divine Right”. No, he’s your fellow Comrade! We are all only Comrades in service to the Party (The Work), except he (Flurry) has the great responsibility (not privilege!) to be the Comrade Apostle! We must all have the attitude of Comarade (co-worker) Boxer when he says, “I will work harder”!

Page 3

The steep drop in donations received between October 2010 through today ILLUSTRATES THAT MANY OF US ARE NOT FULFILLING OUR COMMITMENT TO GOD! I am not asking you to give something you cannot give, and if your situation has changed, God is aware of that and He expects you to respond accordingly. But the building fund is down over 30% in just one year. Surely that is cause for us to examine our commitment to the pledges we made to God.

This deeply concerns me. It is a strong spiritual indicator that something is not right with too many people in this Church. Let’s be honest! Isn’t that what Laodecianism and lukewarmness is like?

Well, it looks like there was a fair-sized spike in unemployment at around Oct. 2010, so perhaps that accounts for it. So, apparently the PCG isn’t pleasing god. Flurry said a couple pages ago that “if our ways are pleasing to God, no recession or depression could make a bit of difference”. So, there you have it. Your ways are not pleasing God (or there is no god to please…) and your loyal minions are either being fired for taking two weeks off every year for some cooky religious festival, or seeing their wages cut as the lesser-of-two-evils option; and with high unemployment, there’s nothing they can do about it.

But, you know, it is still the sinful sheeple’s fault:

After all, if there’s sin in Israel, we all pay the penalty. That’s the way it was with ancient Israel when someone sinned, and that’s the way it works.

Remember back in school, where if someone talked after the teacher’s final, frustrated ultimatum, then the whole class was punished instead of just the loudmouth jerk? Remember how unfair you thought that was? And remember how now that you’re older you realize how fair, just and wise it was? Yeah, me neither. But when religion is involved, it is a far more effective tactic than when we were all teens who found sticking-it-to-the-man and the esteem that brought from our fellows to be worth the punishment we got. Now, with the whole “you’re worthless and God is everything and your sins are sinking the whole Work”, well, people who believe that sort of thing are now suffering a guilt trip that could take them to the moon and back.

He then waxes all eloquent about how he got a letter from a lady in California who thought the Auditorium was so beautiful and holy she wanted to almost take her shoes off before entering. What a godly attitude she had! Rather reminds me of the river crossing scene from Enemy at the Gates, where the boat commander is reading Patriotic letters from mothers all across Russia exhorting their sons to “not take one step back” and “fight hard for Mother Russia”, etc. Maybe this woman from Cali actually wrote this and felt this way. Maybe it was a product of the Minitrue.

Page 4

Actually, this story begins with a line or two on page 3, but the majority of it is here. Flurry starts talking about King David numbering the people of Israel–in a round about way of getting to the part where David makes some type of monetary sacrifice in order to buy some guy’s threshing floor so he could build an altar to god there. Flurry also adds a bit about “see what happens when we focus on the physical, like David did when he listened to Satan’s temptations to number the people”. Of course, that is debatable. The SAB compares I Chron. 21 with II Sam. 24, finding that in one version God was angry with Israel and “moved” David to count them so he could then curse them and kill a bunch of them. The other version says Satan tempted David. In either case, 700K Israelites die and David suffers nothing (other than the anguish of his arrogance at numbering the people–which if God moved him to do it is just some sick irony).

But besides the side point of not looking to the physical, the main point of including that story was to show that David would not accept the threshing floor as a gift from a grateful subject, but determined to sacrifice something for it–he would PAY for it. So, David, King, paid full price for the place. That likely wasn’t much of a sacrifice, what with having all the wealth of the nation’s taxes and trade to call upon. But, the Great King’s blessings of wealth are somehow glossed over in an over-zealous attempt by Flurry to make sure the lesson we carry away from this story is:

He [David] realized he had sinned, and he wanted to give an offering to God, and he wanted God to know there was some SACRIFICE in the offering he gave! It wasn’t something he could easily give. He gave something that really made him know he was giving an offering to God.

Well, unsurprisingly, there is a lot of uncertainty about what a shekel actually was, but one source I found made it that 600 shekels (the price for the threshing floor David bought) would equal approx. $298K. I doubt that hurt his coin purse all that much. But we should take away the idea that it did, and we should emulate his shining example and give ’til it hurts. And just to reinforce the message

2 Cor. 8:1-2 has a beautiful New Testament example of that same attitude. There Paul commends the Macedonians for giving liberally–but he says they gave liberally out of their deep poverty. There was some pain in their giving. That is a wonderful attitude as well.

Page 5

The rest is the closing statements, something about “God loves a cheerful giver”, we’re at a critical juncture in the work, yadda, yadda.

It was a PBS pledge drive on fundamentalist religious steroids. Guilt and scare you into giving ’til it hurts, cheerfully, and spending extra time on your knees and in the PCG’s books that explain how you should interpret the words written in your bible. So, keep your nose in our indoctrination mechanisms, stay on your knees (to remember your place, sheeple!), and use all your available money for the building fund instead of buying a car that doesn’t have to be worked on every weekend.

Do these things and the Nine will love and bless you, and you shall be prosperous, even in a bad economy, even when giving 20% + BF (building fund) and Holy Day offerings out of your net unemployment stipend and food stamps.


35 thoughts on “Dear Brethren and Co-Workers!

  1. Maybe they are low on funds because the majority of the people in Edmond are on the payroll some way shape or form. And the poor saps attending the college doing their ‘work study.’

    I don’t know if this is actually true or not but I had heard that employees of the work do not have to 2nd tithe because their income has already been tithed upon. I guess they try to avoid double taxation I mean tithe-ation for grins.

  2. This is your best yet! You have a way of putting words together so very well!

    Love the total undermining of Flurry, showing that the problems are all his fault!

    One little nit, though: “out of your net unemployment”? What’s with that! It’s “out of your gross undemployment stipend and food stamps”! 😉

    • Oops…you is right. I was having two different thoughts going at the same time.

      But thank you very much for the praise–I was feeling pretty good about this one! It was fun!

  3. No, Mr. Tom Bagginz (hehe), no catalog, as such…just occasional access. Of course, booklets, the Trumpet, etc, everyone has access to all the time–just download the booklets pdf. But sometimes get more of the insider info.

  4. Seriously, though, this is just a bad way to solicit money from donors. That’s what it comes down to. Basic psychology. Really, I know this because I Googled it. Here’s what this book says:

    Consider the would – be prophet who predicts Armageddon next year. Who will heed the prophet when next year has come and gone and the world is still in one piece? A fundraiser who builds the case for giving on the worst – case scenario may be building on quicksand (oh ye of little faith)…Yet I believe guilt is highly overrated as a motivator. Rarely will donors who are moved primarily by guilt prove loyal over the years, and larger gifts from them are relatively rare. As a fundraising strategy, guilt may be just as counterproductive in the long run as fear.

    And another one:

    The best advice is worth repeating: “Leaders who remember that giving is about the donor and not about their organization” will vastly increase their fundraising success in both the short and long term…It’s likely the primary motivating factor of the donor is advancing your mission, so if you’re talking to someone who is a doctor, and you’re saying, ‘This gift will help us advance this area of medicine that we know you’re really interested in,’ that’s the benefit. Don’t get into how that all fits into your strategic plan. [The emphasis] is the donor’s agenda and how you’re advancing the donor’s agenda, which is hopefully synonymous with your agenda.”

    Seems Gerald forgot what “the church” is for (hint, Gerrie: funding monumental-yet-earthly institutional projects is not the answer). But that’s not my department any more. So…it’s just fun to watch the thing crumble under its own fumbling top-heaviness. Hahahaha. Idiots.

  5. Of course, it is the members’ fault. Of course, it’s a “strong indicator” that there is something wrong in the PCG. There is NO way it could be church leadership. That’s never happened before in recent or ancient history. I wonder if we could all get a class action suit going to get back all of our tithes & offerings? Seriously, the amount of brainwashing & scare tactics they have used should be civilly & criminally punishable.

    • I don’t agree. Seems to me folks could stop being so gullible. There are ways to avoid believing stupid nonsense so you don’t get conned. The susceptibility to being duped is what fuels these schemes, you know.

  6. My mother in law belongs to this crazy bunch. Thank goodness I have been able to keep my husband away. He is now beginning to see they are a cult.

    • Good that he’s seeing that. Though, when I was in the PCG I knew it was a cult–almost everyone knew it and took pride in it. However, the leadership never wanted the Church listed as a “cult” in court, b/c in “the World” the word Cult means bad things. And well it should.

      But now, of course, I see the church as the apocryphal Cult (worldly definition) it is–and hopefully that’s the way he’s seeing it, too.

  7. I was a member of pcg until several months ago when they suspended me for a completely baseless thing, well I guess they still consider me a member because the last time I talked to them( I called the minister) they asked me if I sent my tithe money in! what a joke! .Anyway , I have been reading letters from former members and the lights have come on! WOW, now I know why they only want you to read their crap. other writings ( including the bible) expose the evils that they foist upon all the sheep. It is painfully obvious that I was in a cult. I have family members who won’t talk to me (hardly at all) because they might lose their eternal life- more fear and control from the powers that be . I read articles on the trumpet and look up the verses that they quote to get their point across . Just about every time, they are taken out of context to “prove ” their point. Take the recent article about Christmas , I do not know anyone that WORTSHIPS a tree or follows false gods from foreigners’ by sacrificing their children, but those are the verses that that are just a few lines away from the verses they quote to prove their false point. These people are evil !

    • Yep, Humphry, they are evil. Christmas is totally of pagan origin (that is easily provable w/o the bible), but like you say, nobody is intentionally worshipping False Gods (except the ones who say “we want to worship the Original Pagan Gods whom the Christians stole Christmas from)…but even THEY don’t do the evil stuff PCG likes to talk about. And yeah, it is easy to read the bible and have it say whatever they want it to say.

      Yeah, if you’re suspended, you’re still a member, and they’re waiting for you to buckle under the pressure of no contact with friends and family and call up the minister and tell him you’re sorry for doing that thing you did and you’ve prayed and fasted and are Repentant. You even re-read Repentance Toward God! Please let me back in!

      But it sounds like you’re not going to do that, so good on ya! Losing family and friends is very, very hard–that’s why the no-contact policy, as you’ve figured out. I’m glad our site could be one of the ones to help you out!

      • thanks for the reply, Yep, they told me to read god family government and malachis message . I tried but could only do a few pages and then put them on the shelf to collect dust. Reading how pcg has affected so many peoples lives for the worse is way more interesting and truthful than their plagiarized crap . a mutual friend of mine and my brothers asked my bro. ” where in the bible does it say that you can not talk to your bro (me) ” his answer was , I don’t know , but it is in there. Come on Bro. Prove all things !

  8. I think we have a link on our blog to another blog called Plain Truth About Malachi’s Message–basically shows how MM was plagiarized. And if it is of interest, I’m pretty sure we have a post that shows how United States & Britain in Prophecy was, too.

    I haven’t written about it, but at one point I did a short Comparison Study with my father-in-law on 3 editions of MM–there were significant differences. Specifically, in one or two of the earlier editions, there was a long piece about “test the ministry”, but by the later edition that was gone. It is good to preach “test the ministry” when you’re the Outside guy trying to form your own church, but then when you become Apostle, well, then you tend not to want that anymore.

    Yeah, Prove All Things–pretty much any and every doctrine that the PCG has and claims to be “proven from the bible”, you can research the doctrine, or just research the scriptures quoted, and you’ll find 10 different Interpretations, most of which are all equally valid. So, which is the RIGHT one? Well, the one the Great Leader says is the right one, of course! 😉

    • Hello eRIC , THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY , yEP , PROVE ALL THINGS seems to go out the window when you actually try and prove what they teach you from their soap box, I go to the trumpet .com web site and try to post comments about how HWA said that there is not a central govt. / super over ruling church govt. and that local congregations are self ruled (1939 article), and they will not print that in the comments section, But when I post flowery comments on other articles about how great a job you have done and thank you for all of your hard work they magically seem to print those. Strange? Nope , hypocritical !!!!!!!! About MM being plagiarized , I understand that Jules Deveres wrote letter to laodecia several years before MM and most likely mailed it to G Flurry . turns out that entire paragraphs were copied word for word by G Flurry when God gave him and only him divine inspiration to write the ” little book of Rev.” aka, MM. I just want to puke , knowing that I was duped by this FRAUD. Now my goal is to get my family out of this cult and to also warn many good people that I consider my friends of this imposter. And yes, US and BIP seems to have been ” borrowed ” by hwa also . A few days ago I read an article about how hwa denied that he was ever a member of the church of God 7th day . Well ,I wrote the headquarters church and asked them if he was ever a member . I got a reply from the grandson of ” one of the 12″ in that church and he said that Hwa was ” one of the 70″ , I take that to mean that he was a member . Thanks for all of your help, Humphry

      • Prove all things, indeed! That is to say, prove what we say is true. And we also have a special definition of “true” to go along with our special definition of “prove”. And they call “the world” deceived! It’s laughable now, looking at it from the outside. But we all know what it was like to believe all that bullshit, don’t we? We happened to have taken it seriously enough to figure out it was nonsense, but most of the sheep don’t “love the truth” that much!

      • Remove you from what, Tom? If you mean your subscription to the site, then I’m afraid you’ll have to remove yourself–since, you know, you subscribed yourself. Yet another lesson in personal responsibility. And aren’t you a fan of that, being a conservative and all?

  9. Wow, the insanity just goes on and on. I used to wonder how Hitler could acquire so many officers and agents within his regime to support him and his agenda so faithfully, even to the point of murderous destruction of their own country and countrymen… but human beings under the right influences will do almost anything. Flurry and his kind prey on the under-educated who do not have confidence in their own minds to think and reason out information to form their own conclusions. Does not mean they are stupid people, but they are willing to entrust their thinking to another. I keep thinking groups like this will die out in this age of information and enlightenment but there seems to be a never-ending line of men willing to shoot their brothers in the head to prove their loyalty to the great leader, and a never-ending line of people who are easily convinced they must be told how and what to think and believe. If I had not grown up in WW would I even know all of this exists? I often wonder. I am glad there are sites like this that give people a chance to talk about these horrible and bitter experiences. Flurry reminds me of the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” – they keep propping him up in front the camera and making his lips move, and you have to ask yourself, “how long has this guy been dead, anyway?” But it doesn’t matter, sadly, there will be others to take his place if or when he is gone. They are everywhere as long as there are people willing to be manipulated. Though in the end, just as it has for HWA, it will come to nothing.

    • My sentiments exactly. We made the cults. We, the sheep. Not Armstrong. He was just one little frumpy man who spent too much time in the kooky section of the library. He couldn’t have built that empire without our ravenous appetite for bullshit. We are to blame.

  10. One more thought, it has been my observation that many people who may recognize the failings of one of these authoritarian leaders will quickly jump into the fold of another one, for there are many. Flurry gets a lot of attention because of his high visibility, but there are others who are just as dangerous and abusive, even if the forms differ somewhat. Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, John Ritenbaugh, Rod Meredith, on and on – they all want to create human beings after themselves, they are only satisfied when you think, talk, act, and pay like they tell you to. The trail of human destruction in their wake Is unbelievable – the creators and writers of the TV show “Madmen” couldn’t even come up with the stuff that is reality among these bullies. I’ve tried to detach myself from this Borg-like nipple of death, but don’t know if I will ever get it out of my head. It makes me sad to see so many people who believe if they can just find the right man they can make this all work. What makes all of this more insidious over time is that in the distant past, none of us ever got much more than a glimpse of HWA across an auditorium, or as he was being ushered to the limo flanked by his bodyguards. We were traumatized by an ideology, a system, and perhaps by silly men pretending to be something there were not. But in more recent times, in these smaller, more intimate scattered groups, the leader is often someone you develop a personal relationship with, you have dinner with, you talk to and have access to, who may personally answer your calls and letters. Then when the day comes you disagree with something, they turn on you like a vicious, rabid beast and the personal trauma that results runs much deeper because now it is with someone you considered a friend, a confidant, a shepherd, someone you trusted. They make you think it is ALL your problem and fault, they refuse any sense of accountability on their part. You are kicked aside like yesterday’s garbage, and your one-time “brothers and sisters” treat you as dead, which is to ignore your existence. Then you are left to rebuild yourself. And incidentally, if anyone REALLY read their Bible, they would see that these men are nothing like the individual they claim to represent and in whose name they presume their beast-like authority over other human beings. Scam artists convince you to hand over a substantial amount of your money in return for a promise of something, but then fail to deliver. It is a deliberate deception. No man can give you eternal life, make you right with “God”, or offer you absolute truth and understanding, no matter how much you pay him. It is a deliberate deception.

    • “Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, John Ritenbaugh, Rod Meredith, on and on – they all want to create human beings after themselves, they are only satisfied when you think, talk, act, and pay like they tell you to.”

      And how the hell do they get away with it all? Do they hold guns to peoples’ heads and order them to drag their children into this self-aggrandizing fantasy? Do they go out into the streets, knock people unconscious, and hold them hostage in their rented halls? No. They get away with their delusional racket because their followers are just as delusional, irresponsible, and weak-minded as they are. If there hadn’t been a huge demand for Armstrong’s message, we wouldn’t be here talking about it today. It’s that simple.

      You and I got duped because we weren’t doing something right. Was it a deliberate con on the part of these ministers, or was it self-delusion for them like it was for us? My money, for what it’s worth, will never ride on a conspiracy theory. Either way, though, we have to be responsible for what we believe. Regardless of what you think about the ministry of a cult, there were quacks, frauds, con artists, and charlatans in the world long before Armstrong came along–and there always will be, just as there were and always will be self-deluded morons who attract a following because they have a delusional message that delusional people like. And there will always be stupid ideas that become popular, idiotic fads, unscientific notions, bunk, poppycock, and all sorts of foolishness–because…why? Because people love bullshit. There is a high demand for it everywhere! People are naturally credulous, irrational, and stupid. They’ll believe anything that makes them feel good, or feel bad, or feel whatever way they’re looking to feel. They’ll believe anything that is convenient or titillating or sensational or frightening. Deliberate deception? It isn’t even necessary! The cults are a case study of the blind leading the blind, the foolish fooling the foolish, without even meaning to. And it’s all because homo sapiens (the “wise man”) thrives on bullshit. No grand conspiracy required. It is in our nature to demand bullshit, and it is in our nature to supply it. I would only suspect a conspiracy if mass movements like Armstrongism didn’t arise.

      So, what is the answer? Stop believing bullshit. Become more rational. Gain an understanding of logic and meta-cognition. Get your facts straight. And above all, don’t let your mind be dragged around by your emotional drives (whether they be toward self-aggrandizement, the love and support of a community, fear of death, dissatisfaction with your station in life, or anything else mass movements and cults and idiotic memes capitalize on to propagate themselves among us stupid apes). The point is, stupid as we are, we are also clever: we have the tools at our disposal. We just have to learn to use them and thereby become responsible for our beliefs. That won’t happen until we stop blaming others for them.

  11. Good points, Hans. There is another blog, newly called Black Ops Mikey, (formerly Mikey for President) that deals with some of these other cults.

    It is funny–I know a man who was Deacon in Germany for PCG, and was a Translator, who is now out, and he pointed out something to me: Ever read in the Autobiography how HWA got started writing sale bills for people to rent out an apartment? He was taught “knock on door, say HI, when door is slammed in your face (when the landlord sees you with your Ad-writing pad out), try to ACTUALLY put your foot in the door”. He came up with a different approach–basically lie and say “I’ve seen your ad for an apartment in the newspaper and I’m interested!” When the landlord/lady takes you to see the place, start talking it up and THEN whip out your little pad and say “now, doesn’t what I just said sound better than that dumb ad you already have in the paper? Advertise with US and you’ll rent this place out within a week!” He claims that usually worked.

    The German Deacon said–THAT is what he did to all of US! And of course, for us (or our parents, usually) it was easy to swallow, as everyone fears Death, and they are greedy of gain (be a King-Priest). Plus, if it is Secret Knowledge…well, doesn’t THAT help the ego?

    But then it is hard to leave the Ideology, b/c again that fear of death, but also because of our ego–it is hard to admit we’ve been duped, and hard to admit we’ve wasted (WASTED) so many years…so it was simply that Group that was wrong, not the main message! Out of the 600 +/- Splinter groups out there, ONE of them has to be the One True Church! Right?

    • You got it exactly right, Eric. So many disgruntled sheep want to say, “Hey, it’s not my fault I believed all that nonsense: they LIED to me!” How exactly did they get us to believe such easily disproved bullshit, though? Could it possibly be because we were intellectually lazy? Could it be that we wanted to believe, so we went along with the shoddy rationalizations? Could it be that there was something in it for us–until there wasn’t? The responsible thing to do is to grow a spine and say, “You know what? I failed. I didn’t do my research. I was duped because I was irresponsible.” It’s the ones who take responsibility for their beliefs who are not likely to be fooled a second time. The rest are, ultimately, fools. And they will go on blaming “liars” for their bad habit of credulity. It’s like being a drug addict and blaming your dealer. He, like the minister, is just there to supply what you are demanding. The lesson of the cults is to overcome our dependency on bullshit. So many get that wrong: they think the lesson is to trade a belief in “the God Family vision” for a belief in a grand ministerial conspiracy. And so the trade in bullshit continues.

  12. Like a tatoo. Yesterday it was good, but today we can’t seem to get rid of it. We see it now for the ugly it has proven to be. Unlike HWA, Flurry seems so easy to read. His copy of HWA is watered down….

  13. But there are laser tatoo-removal places. You can be free of the lies and fear!

    Ask questions, research, and accept reality even when it hurts (perhaps especially when it hurts) and you will have set yourself free.

  14. HWA was the imperfect human whom the GOD of all creation chose to “use” to do HIS will. After all scripture does say that there is none righteous, no, not one. HWA was zealous for the truth. What truth? The truth of the coming kingdom of GOD. and that man’s biased, unjust, &violent corrupt rule over man, or himself is just about over. We’re staring at ww lll.

    • And which truth is that again? HWA first started saying “this is the Tribulation” back in 1934 and referencing the Depression. He said “Mussolini IS the Beast who will fight Christ at his return”. He said Hitler would win against Russia and then come and destroy the US and UK, biblical Israel.


      Simple logic says this guy was just abother in a long list of religious charlatans. But even the bible does in Deut. 18:20-22. HWA cane saying God had shown him how to put the jigsaw puzzle that is the bible together to reveal the truth about the end times.

      Prophetic failure after prophetic failure show this wasn’t true.

      • My family members are stuck in Flurryism. I pointed out the following —— ” And which truth is that again? HWA first started saying “this is the Tribulation” back in 1934 and referencing the Depression. He said “Mussolini IS the Beast who will fight Christ at his return”. He said Hitler would win against Russia and then come and destroy the US and UK, biblical Israel.” ——— to them and my parent just told me , ” Well , Mr Armstrong was human and he makes mistakes , I still believe that this is Gods one true church” . They are brain washed just like i used to be until I finally got out of that mess. sad thing is is that there are many kind ,sincere people being duped into buying their way into the kingdom on GF’s tail

  15. In case you are Mr. Gerald Ray Flurry, & you are reading this, FYI. In many of the PCG educationally informative printed articles I have noticed a re-occuring glaring ERROR in your thought process. Inspiration has only one source: the Holy Spirit. How then do your staff of writers continue to attribute “inspire” to the enemy of everyone everywhere, including GOD HIMSELF?, when logic and reason lead me to believe otherwise. yes. the enemy is the adversary,the devil & satan. GOD embodies perfect spiritual character. satan, on the other hand, does not. satans power is subtle? YES! satan holds sway & captive the mind of the human. the human is oblivious in ignorance to this deceptive force of evil and wickedness. satan has little power. but it is enough to destroy lives with the criminality of tools and trickks in his black bag of death. satan does not “inspire”! his limited power comes in the form of influence, instigate, perpetrate, cohersion, fear/ guilt mongering. Never, ever, could his futile violent greedy stinking rotten minisule inept hatred ever stem from anywhere but the SELF. Spelled in reverse it is; fles…add the letter H for human. My hope is that you will make the necessary correction in your own writingand instruct your staff if writers to do the same. Stop ascribing the word inspire to the enemy. Respectfully submitted.

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