Dazed and Confused–Regional Director of PCG Experiencing Doubts

This is a bit of an unusual posting, but then the circumstances surrounding it are a bit unusual.

Been dazed and confused so long it's not true...

Back in October, a suspended (and I suspect a soon-to-be Ex) member wrote up the following Paper and mailed it out to select people:

In the same way that Simon Magus started a church in his day and called it “God’s Church”, so has someone today, in the spirit of Simon Magus, started the Laodecian church and called it the PCG.

This backsliding daughter compasses a man (Jeremiah 31:22). That man is Mr. Flurry. The PCG and Flurry started well, but the PCG is backsliding now, compassing Mr. Flurry rather than what is in the Bible, and what Mr. Armstrong taught.

Let no man deceive you by any means (2 Thessalonians 2:3). And how are people easily deceived? By casually accepting everything the ministers say without testing the ministry (as we are told to do in Malachi’s Message), by not having a Berean attitude (Acts 17:11) to test whether those things are so, by not proving all things (I Thes. 5:21).

Let no man take your crown (Revelation 3:11). As we have been taught before, this says “let”. It isn’t taken without your letting it happen—by not proving, by not testing, by unquestioningly accepting.

It seems to be having an effect! In a convoluted manner, AD’s network of insiders has gained information that a Regional Director in the Eastern Hemisphere has read the short piece and is filled with doubt. It was unclear whether the Paper was the sole cause of the doubt, though that is doubtful–most likely it merely informed and enhanced an already existing “confusion” and feeling that “the PCG is going off track”.

Who is this Mystery RD? We’ve revealed one clue: Eastern Hemisphere. We shall reveal more clues in the coming weeks. Why these games? Because we suspect the powers that be in the PCG are reading our posts and we want to see if they figure out who it is before we reveal it…and what they may do about it!

So, where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego this Dazed and Confused RD? Stay tuned to find out!


24 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused–Regional Director of PCG Experiencing Doubts

  1. This is probably in response to finances, nothing more.

    “….rather than what is in the Bible, and what Mr. Armstrong taught.”

    Oh brother. This will result in a split, and the daughter PCG will continue on as before, just sans Flurry. The members will continue to live a life of mental and financial enslavement.

  2. HQ: Be afraid, be very afraid!

    I have one slight correction: this RD is not as dazed and as confused as the other RDs: he is starting to see the light!

  3. It may be time for Flurry to break out WWCG Form Letter 44c;

    “Dear Brethren,

    It is with great sorrow that I report that (Insert Name of Dissident) has left the Body of Christ…In much tearful regret, in accordance with (insert scripture)….like (insert Israelite who questioned Moses), some rebel against God’s government here on earth….Satan wandering and devouring….take no joy in writing this letter…..bitterness and anger, the spirit of dissension…..protect the flock…I am in tears…..blah blah blah,

    In Christ’s Loving, Humble, Generous, and Self-Effacing Name (and with a triple portion of Christ’s Love),
    (Insert Leader’s Name)

  4. This interpretation of Jeremaiah 31:22 that puts a negative spin on “a woman compasses a man” is something I had thought of way back when I gave a shit about such things, and I thought it would make a lot of sense to apply it to Flurry. It just goes to show that finding “revealed truth” in iron age poetry isn’t all that hard to do. Flurry has made a cottage industry of it, but anybody can do it, really.

    • My sources tell me the fellow who wrote this is now fond of saying “for 18yrs I was deceived…”, speaking of his 18 combined years in WCG and PCG. Of course, why he says this while also lauding Armstrong’s former teachings is questionable, but he is reported to have thrown out most of his CoG books/booklets to the “paper collectors” for recycling. Sounds like positive steps.

  5. These folks that come to their senses and leave these splinter cults will continue in the same delusion until they realize the problem lies not with Flurry and the PCG. The problem lies with Armstrongism as a whole. Any person leaving one of the cults will just fall back in with another, equally enslaving, splinter until they wake up to the fact that the con man is not the splinter leader of the day but Herbert (the W. stands for nothing) Armstrong.

  6. WOW……..don’t you guys have jobs or hobbies or something? Have you nothing better to do than write articles and post comments? Maybe you think this church threw you under the wagon, and maybe it did to a degree but nothing like say the Catholics of old & what they did to people ( yes, that is a huge run on sentence ). If your going to be so abscessed with this particular church then why not just sign back up? Or get a new religion? Or become a broader atheist……like Dawkins?

    • Thank you, Soloman, for your great concern for our welfare *sarcasm*.

      Yes, we do have jobs, though for the most part writing articles and posting comments IS our hobby.

      Running this site is both therapeutic for us, and instructive for others. We talk about PCG mostly b/c that is our common “ancestry”–the splinter we were in. And no, the Armstrongite churches are not as awful as the old school Catholic church was, but only b/c they lack the power and influence.

      As for becoming broader atheists–that is a good suggestion. Truthfully, we already are, but that doesn’t come across too well in this niche blog. But fear not–the end is nigh. We already have plans for a new blog entitled Beyond Atheism (So, there are no gods. Now what?). It promises to be much more positive. Our goal w/ this site was to cut down the trunk of the armstrongist tree (to use a favorite analogy from the Grand Old Fraudster himself). I think if someone reads through our entire catalog, they’ll find we’ve done just that.

  7. “Sorry, I’ll try to be more cordial but I was trying to make a point.”

    No, you were displaying a presumptuous ignorance. Since you seem to enjoy unsolicited advice, here’s some for you: next time you come across a website you assume (in your small mind) is useless, don’t read it. Just move along to something more your speed, like Huffington Post or the Daily Mail. We won’t apologize to you for your stupidly blundering into our (very interesting) niche. Fuck off.

  8. OOPS! It appears I made a mistake: I confused Western Hemisphere with The West (as in western democratic nations). The RD in question is in the Eastern Hemisphere. Also the Northern Hemisphere. That should narrow it down pretty well.

  9. Oh, I have my sources… 😉

    But yes, you are correct. The person in question is none other than Matthew Robinson, RD for England/Europe, though an Aussie in origin.

  10. Incredible! One more fellow breaking away from the band of fellows!

    His other Aussie brothers should also wake up and realize whats happening. Unless they are content with being part of Joshua and his fellows…. oh yes, Joshua and his fellows. They accept what Joshua says without questioning nor proving it.

    You reading this Aussies? Fraser? Rumler? McDonald? Go look again into the Joshua stuff and try to figure out how one Joshua suddenly becomes two Joshuas: one of whom repents while the other never needed to repent (yet the one one who was supposed to repent and be plucked from the fire already died!!) It’s all one Joshua … and he has his fellows around him!!

    Side-note: do you recall how Flurry likes to say “…you fellows…” or “…you fellows and wives…” while addressing the ministry especially at conferences? wink-wink, hint-hint!

  11. Eric Sell, we were once aquainted, back in Edmond. My family and I were quite fond of you. While we are no longer attending the PCG, I am deeply saddened at how you have let all that you have been through turn into such hateful bitterness.

    • I think our definitions of “hateful” are at odds. I don’t consider debunking to be hateful. At any rate, try to set aside your prejudices and peruse the helpful information we’ve worked so hard to present in these pages. If you come away still clinging to the Armstrong delusion (as we’ve presented it), I hope you will return and offer up some defense of your beliefs. I’ve been doing this debunking gig for several years now (and was a peculiarly studious Armstrongist all my life before that), and I have yet to see anything approaching a reasonable supporting argument for any of the claims of Armstrongism. I’d love to be surprised by something like that.

  12. Hey there, meye…I should probably remember who you are, but your efforts at being a little vague in identifying yourself are working. At the moment I have no idea–sorry.

    I think the “hateful bitterness” that must come across in this blog was a passing thing, because I don’t suffer from it now. I’m writing on another blog that has nothing to do w/ any of the COGs and I feel much happier about it.

    You’re not in the PCG anymore, so there must have been something you disagreed with. You’ve read this stuff–wouldn’t YOU be a bit hot under the collar to learn you had had your youth and future stolen from you? True, I’m only 30 and so can still rescue my future a bit, but I passed on going to a Real college in order to attend the church “college”, so that has certainly been a shot in my foot.

    I find it hard to understand how someone can figure out they were being lied to and not be bitter about it, but I guess some people get over it sooner.

    I honestly don’t know who you are, but as we used to be friends, then I am happy you are free of the PCG! My time writing for this blog is over and it has been quite therapeutic, though I wouldn’t change any of what made it come across as bitter and hateful–those lying, thieving frauds stole our money and time…time like in Pink Floyd’s “Time”: and then one day you find; ten years have got behind you; no one told you when to run; you missed the starting gun.

    Ah well…c’est la vie.

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