Get a Clue, PCG!–Your Latest Wandering Star is in Europe.

So, we’ve already revealed that PCG has a high-ranking potential defector in its midst. Eric let it slip last week that an unnamed regional director is covertly asking the kinds of questions that would get a sheep suspended or worse, and that this pastor’s flock is in the eastern hemisphere. Well, he has done it again! Perusing the comments, I found Eric’s loose tongue doing more of its scandalous work. Apparently, the regional director in question can be found discreetly waffling in the northern hemisphere! Take the northern hemisphere, divide by the western hemisphere, and subtract “the Asiatic hordes”. That leaves Europe. So…

Are you still here, Locher? Saranga? Amos? Flurry, Jr.?…Campbell (you’re not dead yet?)? You know who your quarry is now: consider this your Christmas present!

Go get ’em boys…Let the witch hunt begin!

…Oh, for fuck’s sake, you morons. His name is Matthew Robinson. Do we have to do all your work for you?

Now, go! Dispense Yahweh’s wrath.


23 thoughts on “Get a Clue, PCG!–Your Latest Wandering Star is in Europe.

  1. This should prove interesting…there’s so much gamesmanship that could play out here! Or, it could be a Rambo-style frontal assault.


  2. Haha, Casey. Yeah, that should be way less confusing for the cultists who actually read. XD

    “What I mean is that all you HWA haters seem to be on the husky side.”

    Speak for yourself. I’m a sexy, sexy beast. 😉

    • Not even a picture.

      Put up or shut up.

      And just remember that Herbert Armstrong was the Roly-Poly Apostle [Bally’s Fitness sold out to L.A. Fitness]. Herbert Armstrong lovers are totally fat too.

      Just remember, there’s nothing wrong in being healthy and full-figured, but being a fat head is incurable [is it my imagination, but is Tumult just a bunch of empty noise?]: Another vacuous twit with distorted perception of his own prowess.

      Hey, on second thought, maybe Tumult can replace Guttenberg as the Beast of Revelation!!

      Tumult: How gay is that?

  3. Really, Jerkel, you have to be a real loser to troll such a niche site (which you insinuate you aren’t interested in–and yet you keep coming back, so you aren’t fooling anyone here). Maybe you need to get a job. By the way, it’s chubby, with two ‘b’s–that’s “bb”, like the size of your brain. Anyway, thanks for reading, moron.

    • Well, then, Tumult, I hereby transfer all my bile to Soloman Herkel and apologize.

      You must admit that the posting was confusing without background — and you can assume by background, I mean a very ample background.

  4. Really, Herkel? You can’t think of anything intelligent to say, so you go after people’s physical characteristics? I’m more baffled than insulted. I don’t think I’ve heard such a flimsy and transparent attack since the third grade. It’s so…fucking…infantile. Again, baffled.

    Also, I find it interesting that you have absolutely ZERO presence on the entire web, except for three hits earned while trolling our site. Surely you could find a better use for your time–perhaps a trip to the gym? (See, I can do it too!)

    And, yes, I have been in self-imposed exile. The reason? I make a lot of money running the largest private detective agency in the western U.S. and I’ve been rather busy putting criminals in prison and positioning for a nationwide expansion of the operations division. I happen to have a family as well, so my free time is more or less nil. I continue to read this site, contribute ideas and discuss strategy behind the scenes because I believe in the message and I enjoy causing trouble. I believe that addresses my time in “HWA hater’s [note the possessive, you tit] purgatory.”

    So in summary, Herkel, you are a weak minded, incoherent, petty, insipid, bloviating, vapid, unoriginal pillock of the sort most recently employed as a speechwriter for George Dubyah Bush.

    Sincerely and with much rancor,
    The Resurrected Sam

  5. “For starters Soloman (hardly your real name, is it)”

    Doubtful, since “West Palm Bay, Florida” is not the location of his IP address, either. It’s somewhere in Texas. Maybe we could hunt him down and see how fat he is.

    • Layoffs, eh? Sounds interesting. I’ve read a bit of something from ESN that states as much, but have no verification of these (hopefully true) stories. One would hope, though, that they at least lay off the “right” ones! 😉

  6. Wow, reading all the banter I completely forgot the original article was about the continuing saga of the Flurry cult. To date, every minister I have confronted with an honest questioning of their teaching and/or leadership retaliated in attacks on my character, even resorting to attacking my wife’s and childrens’ characters. But at least they kept my body shape out of it.

    May God bless Baron Guttenberg. Wonder if he accepts fan mail?

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