Ron Fraser: ‘Til the Bitter End

Hot off the press! This just in! Ron Fraser, Pastor-rank Minister (think Pastor…), and chief Historian and News Watcher, has died.

He died of heart problems, or a second heart-attack (I’m not entirely sure which). He had had a pace-maker for years; I remember being in the church when his first heart attack hit and he received the pace-maker. “He’s just too important to the Work”, Mr. Flurry told everyone. Of course, if he was as important as all that, then God would surely have healed him so that he wouldn’t need the pace-maker–but such are the duplicitous standards of the Cult.

Tanta stultitia mortalium est

Tanta stultitia mortalium est

He did a great job as, what I would call, Flurry’s Bulldog–always watching the news for any sign that what his boss was saying, and what he believed bible prophecy taught, was coming true. You can find his last articles here: (you have to sign up for a free account to website to read everything).

A member of the Old Guard is passed. Though I liked him very much in my church days, seeing what I have seen through the research done by myself and the others here at AD (disproving British Israelism, for instance, or showing that the incessant scare-mongering about Germany is completely bunk), and thus recognizing the powerful untruths he has battered so many with, I can’t suppress a feeling of:

Good Riddance.


3 thoughts on “Ron Fraser: ‘Til the Bitter End

  1. Ron, like others like him, has received his reward in this life. I hope that he wasn’t expecting much in the next.

  2. I seem to remember he was the minister in Hawaii and Festival Coordinator there for the WCG, but I could be wrong.

    In any event, I say “good riddance” as well, wondering if he is one of David Pack’s leaders of “the major church of God” who was to die by August 31?

    Uncle Ronnie was a proponent of British Israelism and must have missed all of our proofs against it or maybe he was ignoring them to support his own lifestyle through using utter rubbish.

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