Quiet Riot

Recently (Aug. 14, 2014), the Trumpet came out with a new article entitled: Riots–Coming to a City Near You! This in response to the riots and looting going on in Ferguson, MO, since the killing of a black man by a white police officer.

And while yet another “news source” weighing in on the events near St. Louis, isn’t exceptional, what is exceptional is that, apparently, this was all prophesied in the bible! And not only that, but Mr. Flurry has been telling us for the past 20 years that this sort of thing was going to happen!


You want a piece of me?!

You want a piece of me?!

It is all there in the booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet. And specifically, the prophecy for riots in End-Time Israel (US and UK) is all spelled out plainly in Eze. 5:12:  A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee: and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee; and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them.

Mr. Flurry elaborates.

The word pestilence just means destruction or death (see Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon). One definition of the root word is “to lay snares, to plot against, to destroy.” So this pestilence could be a plague of violence or burning—not necessarily a physical disease at all! It can be defined as a plague of violence or rioting—such as the Los Angeles riots in 1992 or the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks! Why would the first third be burned with fire (Ezekiel 5:2), if it refers to a disease epidemic?

So, you see? According to one Lexicon, pestilence doesn’t really have to mean what we generally think of that word meaning, and so “this pestilence could be…it can be defined as a plague of violence or rioting”! Strong’s doesn’t define pestilence as anything other than what the word generally means, but I guess that’s why you keep looking through concordances and lexicons until you find a definition that contains some wiggle room.

If you read carefully, you’ll notice that this one scripture in Ezekiel covers everything–every riot since at least the 1992 LA Riots, and even 9/11 (and any other terrorist attack that happens within the next 10 years). So, you see, Mr. Flurry didn’t fail to prophecy about 9/11 as we’ve asserted before–it was all covered by this all-purpose prophecy used for all-purpose purposes.

They’ve been singing the same song for years. I actually first started a version of this article back in 2011, in response to an article by Philip Nice. And you can read the first article I linked to, or that one by Nice, or this one, and they’re all versions of the same two-note song: 1. We told you so–see, Eze. 5:12! and  2. It is all b/c of Moral Decay and the destruction of the family and deliberately choosing to be a godless society…etc., etc.

What was that Sonny…Didn’t Hear Ya!

OK, so based on one interpretation of one secondary definition of one of the root words for pestilence, you could come up with “plague of violence”. Maybe. And OK, for the sake of argument, let’s say that one scripture, interpreted just so (through the use of lexicons, since God was somehow unable to make sure His Divine Word got translated accurately), explains everything from the 1992 LA Riots, to 9/11, to Ferguson and everything in between and beyond.

Oy, ya bloody wanker!

Oy, ya bloody wanker!

What about everything before then? What about the Brixton Riot in 1981, or Tottenham in ’85? Those two UK riots were caused (obviously, by a confluence of numerous issues) by an accidental death of a black person and charges of police brutality and racism.

Mr. Armstrong never seemed to go as far as Flurry when it came to riots. There were no cries of “this is prophesied in your bible”–it was just a consequence of man’s evil human nature and how it strays from God’s Law. Or, that’s how Stanley Rader described the McDuffie Riots (aka Miami Riots) of 1980 in the Oct/Nov Plain Truth.

Depending on who was writing, though, there was still the familiar current of “this is caused by the breakdown of the family”…even back in 1965. GTA has a lot to say about the breakdown of the family being a large factor in the hugely destructive LA Riots of 1965, commonly known as the Watts Riots. Similarly, he has a lot to say about how these riots wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for human nature’s innate hostility to authority. And then there’s this story of one negro (sic) who escaped Harlem and became a success, so, yeah, maybe there’s racism and difficulties, but nothing that can’t be overcome if you actually try.

But do you know why I entitled this article/post Quiet Riot? Well, yeah, there’s that reason, but more seriously, it is because with the exception of the ’92 LA Riots, the modern riots have been pretty tame compared to history.

Seriously, look at the East St. Louis Riots…of 1917. Between 100 and 200 black people are thought to have died as racial tensions (and work competition tensions) broke out and mobs of white people went through ESL randomly beating or shooting any black person they saw, and burning their houses.

Safe for Democracy? All men created equal? What?

Safe for Democracy? All men created equal? What?

Or look at the Red Summer of 1919, which saw massive riots (again, Whites going around killing Blacks, with police and other authorities indifferent at best, or helping to “hunt Mr. Nigger” at worst) in Chicago, Washington D.C., Elaine, AR, and other places. Dozens died, hundreds injured, thousands homeless…and that was just in Chicago.

Were all of those prophesied? Were they because of the breakdown of the family, too? But of course, when you have a dogma of eschatology, well, then everything now must be worse than ever before, and every disturbance must be a sign of the End! Forget that more, and worse race riots have happened over the past 100 years–no, nothing was really important until Mr. Flurry started the PCG.


8 thoughts on “Quiet Riot

    • Thanks! OH, and I did this in one day…that is not bragging on my part, just saying how easy it is to prove their claims wrong.

  1. Eric,
    Thank you for that piece. However you were too kind calling harmstrong, Mr. Armstrong. The man was scum. Herbert was dirt, the worse of humankind, taking advantage of the situation of the age he lived in. He was the Jesse Jackson or the Al Sharpton of his day, creating social separation by his teachings of British Israelism and the white mans (America/Britain) superiority over other races. By all accounts of his teachings, we could call Herbie a “Social Vandal” for all he taught. That goes for the other dirt bags who parrot his bullshit theocracy.

    • Yeah…what can I say, old habits die hard. But you’re right, he was a failed advertising man who found religion and ruled through a mix of fear and promise of reward, neither of which were real. Of course, that doesn’t make him any different than any other religious leader out there, but certainly makes you right in reminding me he deserves no respect.

  2. And that is why false prophet Gerald Flurry was able to handily and accurately predict in advance in detail the attack on the Trade Centers September 11, 2001!




    OK, then he was able to predict the fall of the Soviet Union, right? Huh? A non-starter.

    Well at least you’d think that Armstrongism would have predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, right? No? Quite the opposite?

    And did you think we actually wouldn’t go and check out the October / November 1980 Plain Truth? Ha! Ha! “Is this the last election?” Right on the front cover! And in the “Personal” (read ‘Editorial’) by Herbert Armstrong, he talks about his going to listen his program on radio from Jordan, Sunday, June 4, 1967. That station never did broadcast. He saw that one coming, right? Because… it was the beginning of the Six Day War. Herbert Armstrong predicted that, right? Right? Nuh, uh! And Herbert has an article, Part 7, “A Voice Cries Out Amid Religious Confusion”. An allusion, no doubt, to the 700+ sects of Armstrongism that spun off after his death. Again, he didn’t foresee his death. He expected to lead us all into The Kingdom. Ha! Ha! The Good thing is that Donald Schoeder has an article about addicted Armstrongists being creatures of habit, so the can’t escape the cult. Or something like that. Michael Snyder predicts an end to the refugee crisis. It’s too bad that the refugees from the Worldwide Church of God can’t go back and review it. Gene Hogberg again what Gene Hogberg does — gives a wrong-headed opinion about world news. And then that article on The Empire Strikes Back — except the Armstrong Empire fell and they didn’t predict that either. The author has the audacity of having a section, “The Way of A Fool”. Absolutely hilarious! In the end they remind us, that there’s only 40 shopping days until Christmas. They never new that we could make it continuous shopping all year long and now the United States Post Office is going to deliver packages on Sunday!

    Gee, the record of fulfilled prophecies seems to have come up empty.

    It’s a great article, Eric.

    A lot of the fun came from the blast from the past from the Plain Truth.

    It’s been a riot!

    Worth the price of admission!

    • I actually thought that the fall of the Berlin Wall was the one thing Armstrong got right, just b/c he always said, basically from the day the wall went up, that Germany would reunite and rise again?

      • Yeah, except for the rise part.

        World power? Take over the world? When, when? Did I miss it?

        And no, he didn’t specifically predict the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s destruction was November 9, 1989. Herbert Armstrong died January 16, 1986. That was three years before the Berlin Wall came down. He never saw it in his life time.

        Does that make him Moses who never entered the Promised Land?

        Not in the slightest.

        Herbert Armstrong’s record as a false prophet in his life time stands untarnished.

  3. I see stupid people arguing over PEOPLE. You can’t wait to bash HWA or any of the others. Well, listen up. You followed a man and got caught up. HWA was a lousy minister but he did understand prophecy.
    The U.S. and Britain in Prophecy is right on and coming to pass in front of your eyes. So is the ME and Europe. If you studied your bibles as HWA admonished you to do you would have seen where he was wrong about race. In addition I saw that not all of the so called ministers were preaching what HWA was saying. They built their own little fiefdoms and twisted scripture or just preached their own brand.
    HWA was surrounded by unscrupulous men who
    sneaked in unawares. Liars like the Tkachs who duped an old man and twisted the truth.
    HWA was dead wrong on many things and that hurt a lot of people, but he was spot on with interpreting biblical endtime prophecies. To say that things came to pass after his death therefore not true is ignorant. Gods plan is unfolding in front of our eyes and you self absorbed
    “Christians” are debating over a man. Your bible does NOT say there is an everlasting torture in a terrible place. Nor that ALL will be saved. It says that ALL will be given the opportunity to be saved and TODAY IS NOT THE ONLY DAY OF SALVATION. What do you think the second resurrection is all about?
    Not all will accept this favor of GOD to repent but ALL will have the chance.
    There are three exceptions that (apparently) have had their chance and only one for sure and that is satan. Even the
    rebellious angel’s have not apparently been judged as the saints will judge them.
    I got tired of putting things “on the shelf” and after seven years when the WWCG went completely off the rails I left. That was over 30 years ago. The truth is still the truth no matter who preaches it. And to settle the racial argument. Did not Moses marry a non white and Noah’s son if
    white had to intermarry to preserve the races. Like I said HWA was wrong on many things and a poor example of biblical leadership and minister. But he WAS given the gift of interpreting prophecy of endtimes. Remember he backed up his U.S and Britain prophecy with historical, archarological and anthropological facts.
    His extrapolations about the place of safety and other ideas were his own. But who knows what that scripture means? A place in the wilderness to escape those days? Could be….? I don’t know.

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