We all knew it would happen, but now that the end is so close it is hard to imagine. As I sit here and think back to the various meetings, emails, and phone calls involved in planning this site I really am amazed at how much we’ve accomplished! I mean, to be honest, I didn’t expect us to do half as well as we have at what we were eventually able to articulate as our goal–to cut down “the trunk of the tree” (as Herbie liked to phrase it) of Armstrongism. Continue reading


The CoG and the Holy Roman Empire–how they got it totally wrong

This is what the Holy Roman Empire is all about: destroying people. Above all, it is a machine of destruction! That is what it is famous for.”

These words came from the illustrious Gerald Flurry in his September ’11 cover article World’s Greatest Danger: Germany


Domineers Over Europe Again. 

I’ve been working on this article off and on since I first saw this article. I’ve done some research on the Holy Roman Empire, and found Flurry’s fear mongering wanting. Yes, Germany always wants an empire, but to be honest, so do most other nations. And there is a lot of talk about how the current Eurozone crisis may be giving Germany that empire right under everyone’s noses. Possible, though unlikely. But one thing is clear: the statement, “This is what the Holy Roman Empire is all about: destroying people…” is simply false.

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Christopher Hitchens: Doubting Thomas

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"

It has taken me longer than I expected to write this. It is somewhat difficult to write a memorial for a man you never knew. Yet, somehow I felt that his passing was an important loss—yet why? Why was Christopher Hitchens important; was he important? Yes. Yes, he was important. What he had to say was important, for he has helped us all to see that not only is it OK to be a Doubting Thomas, but that we really must be one. – … Continue reading.

Dazed and Confused–Regional Director of PCG Experiencing Doubts

This is a bit of an unusual posting, but then the circumstances surrounding it are a bit unusual.

Been dazed and confused so long it's not true...

Back in October, a suspended (and I suspect a soon-to-be Ex) member wrote up the following Paper and mailed it out to select people:

In the same way that Simon Magus started a church in his day and called it “God’s Church”, so has someone today, in the spirit of Simon Magus, started the Laodecian church and called it the PCG.

This backsliding daughter compasses a man (Jeremiah 31:22). That man is Mr. Flurry. The PCG and Flurry started well, but the PCG is backsliding now, compassing Mr. Flurry rather than what is in the Bible, and what Mr. Armstrong taught.

Let no man deceive you by any means (2 Thessalonians 2:3). And how are people easily deceived? By casually accepting everything the ministers say without testing the ministry (as we are told to do in Malachi’s Message), by not having a Berean attitude (Acts 17:11) to test whether those things are so, by not proving all things (I Thes. 5:21).

Let no man take your crown (Revelation 3:11). As we have been taught before, this says “let”. It isn’t taken without your letting it happen—by not proving, by not testing, by unquestioningly accepting.

It seems to be having an effect! In a convoluted manner, AD’s network of insiders has gained information that a Regional Director in the Eastern Hemisphere has read the short piece and is filled with doubt. It was unclear whether the Paper was the sole cause of the doubt, though that is doubtful–most likely it merely informed and enhanced an already existing “confusion” and feeling that “the PCG is going off track”.

Who is this Mystery RD? We’ve revealed one clue: Eastern Hemisphere. We shall reveal more clues in the coming weeks. Why these games? Because we suspect the powers that be in the PCG are reading our posts and we want to see if they figure out who it is before we reveal it…and what they may do about it!

So, where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego this Dazed and Confused RD? Stay tuned to find out!

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers!

One might be well within the bounds of reason to surmise that being disfellowshipped and Marked means our access to inside information for the PCG is severely limited, if not downright cut off completely. However, you would also be mistaken! You see, while the prospect of being cut off from friends and family does keep many in the “pews” (chairs), it is not a policy that engenders loyalty. So, in truth, PCG is merely keeping spies in their midst that would happily fade away given the chance.

More’s the pity.

However, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and that is where we come in. AD has a network of insiders passing us vital documents, like the most recent Co-Worker letter! … Continue reading.