Write for Us!

Do you have a passion for truth? Can you put two sentences together? Are you sick of liars and fools in, say, PCG writing dishonest, insipid articles that their bedazzled sheep think are really insightful? Want to tell them just what you think of their tactics, policies, beliefs, etc.? Well, now you can! We know for a fact that the information czars over at PCG are reading this blog (hi, morons!), so they’re a captive audience for any rants you’d like to fire off at them (within reason).

But if it’s the ex-CoG community you’d prefer to reach with your thoughts and ideas then this is also a good place to set up shop. Armstrong Delusion is linked up with the best and most frequented sites devoted to the subject, and the combined ex-CoG readership is awaiting your anti-cult (or pro-reason, pro-science, pro-pancake, etc.) content like a pack of ravenous wolves!

Sound like fun? Contact us for the gory details!

DISCLAIMER: Just to save some time, we aren’t interested in publishing anything that explicitly endorses any form of religion or religious belief. Thanks.


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