Troy Fitzgerald Interviews Deborah Armstrong

Our friend Troy Fitzgerald, of Secular Safe House, recently recorded a conversation with Deborah Armstrong (Herbert’s niece and the daughter of Dwight Armstrong). She shares her thoughts on (among other topics) child abuse in the cult, religious belief, and her very interesting plans for some of her father’s unpublished hymns! Check it out over at the Secular Safe House site.


The Plain Truth about the Flood

This children's story has a few holes in it.

This children’s story has a few holes in it.

“Why would a God of love drown and put to death all of humanity?” These are the words of Herbert W. Armstrong. “Science can’t give you the answer, and religion can’t give you the answer.” You’re only halfway there, Herbie, but you need to take me all the way.

One of the oldest works of writing contains a myth about a flood, but it’s not the biblical old testament. It’s the Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem out of Mesopotamia. It includes gods that deliver a flood to punish humanity, and a man and his wife are chosen to survive. Pretty similar to the biblical story. China, India, Thailand, and many other cultures have flood myths in their history. Like with many grand aspects of the bible—a god who creates and controls existence, a savior who dies and is resurrected—the great flood is not an original tale. It is a retelling of a very old myth also known as the deluge myth.

Despite this universal idea that there was a worldwide deluge, there’s no way that it actually really happened. Continue reading


We all knew it would happen, but now that the end is so close it is hard to imagine. As I sit here and think back to the various meetings, emails, and phone calls involved in planning this site I really am amazed at how much we’ve accomplished! I mean, to be honest, I didn’t expect us to do half as well as we have at what we were eventually able to articulate as our goal–to cut down “the trunk of the tree” (as Herbie liked to phrase it) of Armstrongism. Continue reading

Carborundum–The Immortal Integrity of Christopher Hitchens

The lion on his hunting ground.

As of Thursday, apologists for various delusional sacred cows both religious and political, from both the right and the left, may breathe a collective sigh of relief. For now a true champion of Reason is no more. Christopher Hitchens is dead.

You can read his obituary (shuffled mid-print to the front page!) in the NY Times for a glimpse into the life history of this contrarian polemicist. You can find long lists of quotes that demonstrate his formidable lucidity and wit, his rhetorical genius and his talent of striking directly to the heart of a given topic. You can peruse his professional journalism prominently displayed in the various publications to which he prolifically contributed, and you can read his wide-ranging, penetrating and insightful books.

My purpose here is to give my personal impressions of the man, taken from afar though they may have been–and not because they matter, but because I am compelled to do so. … Continue reading.

Tell Us What 2 Write!

The ex-CoG community is a diverse group (as we hope has recently been made abundantly clear to you, fearless reader, if you didn’t already know it). For this reason, we the editors are having trouble descrying your desires via the usual method (cleromancy, if it must be known). Please assist us with an act of direct revelation! We will certainly take your feedback under advisement (but please note: we are highly resistant to entering into any binding contracts with higher powers.) Now, where did I put my Urim…?

Casey’s Answer to Mike’s Answer to an Atheist

We don’t normally do this, so you can consider this a treat: premium content offered to you free of charge!

The atheistic views of the AD editors are no secret to anyone familiar with the webzine, but we prefer to write articles refuting claims specific to Armstrongism. It’s just more interesting to us. However, we have encountered a general hostility toward atheism among certain so-called counter-cultists that we feel needs to be addressed. The folks over at “Exit and Support Network” and, especially, “Mike’s Enlightenment Page” offer up a representative sampling of this inadequately informed (or, it must be proposed, dishonest) attitude toward atheism.

So, in the interest of promoting understanding and combating the enemies of reason (two activities that are the heart and core of our anti-Armstrongism, after all) we will take the time to unpack and examine the anti-atheist writings of Mike and his associate, “D.W.” It will become quickly apparent to the intelligent reader that it is actually Mike et al. who are in need of enlightenment. … Continue reading