Friday Fallacy

Every Friday a new logical fallacy is featured. We’ll describe the fallacy in detail, explain why it is invalid reasoning, and provide an example of how the cults rely on it.

The Memory Hole

“Changes? What changes?” In this section we resurrect forgotten statements, teachings, doctrines, “revelations,” etc. that were later contradicted or changed–and then hushed up by the spin-doctors in the upper echelons of the cults. This is information they don’t want you to know about, because it exposes them for the frauds that they are.

He Was Wrong!

“If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.” The sycophantic Armstrongists make a lot of noise about Armstrong’s so-called “prophecies” and how prescient he supposedly was (one group even going so far as to proclaim, quite unaccountably, “He Was Right!”). The articles in this section demolish that pretense by laying out the actual claims and comparing them with the real facts on the ground. And, surprisingly enough, Armstrong was in fact wrong every time.

An Uncertain Sound

“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” This section is for PCG geeks and readers (and writers!) of The Philadelphia Trumpet–and anyone else who is interested. The articles herein are all direct critiques of selected Trumpet articles. So pay attention, Stephen “Doughboy” Flurry, Brad “Simpleton” MacDonald and Ron “Jingo” Frazer. And thanks for making our job so easy!

Two Trees

Armstrong imagined that there are two epistemological paths available to us: one, “The Truth,” based upon a symbolic “Tree of Life”; and the other, “the world’s way,” based upon the “Tree of Knowledge.” The foundation of this latter, “worldly” knowledge, he maintained, was evolutionary theory, a deceptive and transparent con perpetrated on the intellectually vain by Satan the Deceiver–whereas the “Tree of Life” offered true answers to life’s questions–facts that one could prove! In his fervor for attracting sheep, Armstrong had reared up an elaborate system of pseudo-knowledge (instead of mere beliefs), an alternative cosmology that promised to beat science on its own turf. This section features articles that tell the story of how Armstrongism early on pitted itself against science and lost.

The Pagan Origins of Everything

Armstrong and his spiritual descendants have made much of the fact that mainstream Christian beliefs and practices were culled and developed from earlier pagan traditions. As this is undeniably true, we at Armstrong Delusion ask: Why stop at mainstream delusions? Articles in this section are devoted to exposing the pagan origins of Armstrongist doctrines, steeped as they are in the superstitions of ancient Semitic culture.


One thought on “Sections

  1. One of Herbie’s claims “we keep the feasts”
    He went so far as to say Lev 23 isn’t about sacrifices.
    I came across a tract from COG7 at the time my relatives were listening to HWA.
    A point stuck that offering Herb wanted but scripture was saying an offering by fire.
    I found the term 65 times in OT. Then a little later I started looking the term up
    In a lexicon. Strong’s # H801. It was an eye opener to see very time an offering by fire it took a
    Priest, an altar for the fire
    I have Strong’s book but they don’t show up well.
    Online lexicons like Blue Letter Bible, Bible gate way, Bible hub they show up better.
    Alfred Eldersheim’s “The Temple, it’s Ministry and Service” made me aware there were
    Both private vs Public sacrifices. The first 3 chapters of Lev. apply to tndivual.
    Lev. 23 are Public; applying to nation as a whole. Numbers 28 & 29 gives specific number
    animals for each day that the Levities helping the Priests during those days.
    The 3 times in the year the men were to not appear empty was for the service of the Tabernacle.
    Things oil for lamp, incence, wine, animals, bowls, priest garments etc.
    At each of the 3 travel feasts only one offering per event.
    And please tell me how does 2 offering at DOB or Tabernacles make them 2 feasts?
    That’s what has to be done in order to 7 feasts.

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