The Plain Truth About Homosexuality–Part Three: So Many Delusions, So Little Time

Rhetorically, of course!

In Part Two, we were introduced (by way of an aborted article from Brad MacDonald of PCG) to some of the common homophobic myths plaguing our society. We had a grand old time ribbing Brad for his ignorance and general stupidity, and poking fun at his raging homophobia. But now it’s time to get a little serious: these myths, after all, are pervasive in American culture (especially among the religious) and do serious harm to our progress toward a freer, saner, and more ethical society. We will now set the record straight on the various poor arguments people use to excuse their irrational homophobia. … Continue reading.


The Plain Truth About Homosexuality–Part Two: Brad MacDonald Shows Contempt for the World

PCG's Young Ambassadors: totally not gay.

Last week, we gave you a brief outline of the history of homophobia that revealed its origins as part nature and (at least in the western world) part Christian nurture–for which we must be forever grateful to Emperor Constantine, friend to fools. Now that we know where homophobic bigotry in the West comes from, it is time to investigate the homophobia promulgated by our favorite Fundamentalist sect (and, of course, all the other Fundamentalist sects).

Oh, didn’t we mention that Armstrongism is just a Fundamentalist Christian sect, specifically an Adventist splinter-group, and therefore of Millerite origin–as in, followers of the very same Miller who gave us the Great Disappointment, and who himself was a Baptist preacher? Well, it is. There. So much for Armstrong’s version of “church history”. He wasn’t an apostle of the original church, he was just a nut cleaving to a heretical twig on the Baptist branch of the Jesus tree.

In fact there is exactly zero difference between Armstrongist teachings on homosexuality and those of mainstream Fundamentalist groups. They all utilize the same talking points, usually couched in identical turns of phrase. And their passionate bigotry hasn’t matured a fraction beyond the ignorant, ranting lunacy of 12th century Christianity. Without straining credulity in the slightest, one can imagine any of today’s hotheaded preachers bewailing (a la Bernard of Cluny) the fact “there are now far too many hermaphrodites.”

For an example of this reactionary nonsense from the throwback homophobe set, we turn to our trusty nemesis, the Trumpet. The latest offering of bullshit from Brad MacDonald (who enjoys the overweening title “columnist” without ever having had to complete any legitimate journalistic training–and it shows) is a petulant and effete complaint about the popularity of the television program Glee. His column, entitled “Flee Glee”, was taken off the front page almost immediately after it was posted, for reasons unknown. But one of our editors, the illustrious Jace, was able to retrieve it somehow (all I know is his methods involved something called a “TARDIS”), allowing us to shred it publicly for your enjoyment.

So, we will be devoting this entire second installment in The Plain Truth About Homosexuality series to untangling Brad’s mess and exposing the flaws in the underlying ideology. This is only a brief stopover, though: in subsequent installments we will delve deeply and seriously into the various homophobic myths that inflict our modern world. Consider this a comedy break if you like! So, without further ado, I present to you, Brad MacDonald, columnist… … Continue reading.

Desparate Measures–PCG’s Embrace of Worldly Punditry

Gerald finally gets the notoriety he deserves.

A newly published Trumpet article by one of our favorite PCG editorial tools (Brad MacDonald), entitled Welcome to the Fourth Reich, demonstrates better than most this sub-cult’s long-fermenting tryst with “worldly” ideologues and their convenient pronouncements. It is not necessary, surely, to point out that this relationship looks better on PCG’s resume than it would on that of her “lovers” (the biblical phraseology seems appropriate here, so please, bear with me–as creepy and sexist as it sounds). It is, in fact, a love affair that is wholly one-way. FOX “News”, for example, has never given PCG any lovin’ to speak of (though PCG has been “nailed” with some “fair and balanced” coverage on a local FOX affiliate station–once), nor have any of the other talking heads she refers to in her propaganda pieces.

Unrequited though her love may be, PCG does not appear in any sense jilted by the fact her lovers have nothing good to say about her. She still continues to mine their statements from afar, reading between the lines for hints of unconscious approval. And these hints she then weaves into grandiose claims of “worldly” confirmation of the Armstrongist world-view, which are subsequently fed to the little flock of credulous sheep she keeps around for fleecing purposes.

It all works so well, since these sheep never take it upon themselves to take a critical look at what it all means. They don’t ask the difficult questions and are therefore easily persuaded that a “worldly” authority’s seeming approval of cult dogma should count as irrefutable confirmation of everything they’ve been spoon-fed by Gerald and Co. But the kind of analysis that is foreign to sheep is precisely what we at AD are here for. So, we want to ask the following questions: (1) What is behind PCG’s reliance on “worldly” sources?, (2) Are they using those sources appropriately?, and (3) Are those sources reliable to begin with? … Continue reading.

Islamic Revolution…in Prophecy?

REVOLUTION (inshallah)!

Our nemeses over at The Trumpet are positively bubbling over with self-congratulatory excitement! Their schoolgirl hysterics come in response to the news of civil unrest currently taking the Arab world by storm. With all their usual propagandist tricks on display, they are riding their little ship of “prophecy” on the wave of worldly analysis and prognostication as far as they can take it. As Brad MacDonald put it,

Here at the Trumpet, the political revolution currently afoot in Egypt arouses a great deal of excitement. For 20 years, we have forecast that the moderate government in Cairo will be replaced by hardcore Islamists who will quickly align Egypt with the anti-Israel, radical Islamic administration in Tehran. We are currently watching this happen.

But did they really “forecast” these events 20 years ago, or is there something a bit deceptive going on here? Let’s take some time to examine the reasoning on offer: we’ll see just how uncanny their so-called forecasting actually is. … Continue reading