Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Oklahoma hit with the strongest quake ever recorded for the state, a 5.6! This is a clear sign—God is Angry with the PCG!

Earth-shaking news! hehehe...

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We here at AD have been remiss, as we missed the big news of the 21stanniversary of Germany’s Reunification! Of course, that could be a sign—a sign that it isn’t really that big a deal. There were no parades of proud military might and pomp. There were no bombastic speeches about a reunited Germany coming of age and ready to take her rightful place among the great nations of the world. No, there were cautiously optimistic speeches about “we’ve come a long way but there’s still a long way to go”. Continue reading

Deutschland Uber Alles?

Eric Sell

During the past several months we’ve published several articles on the subject of prophecy–specifically, the brand peddled by Armstrongism. However, to date we have not specifically written about one of the biggest pieces of Armstrongism’s prophetic pie—the doctrine of a re-emergent, militant Germany! Today, that omission is rectified. Continue reading

Birds, Fish, and Cows, oh My!

Eric Sell

I think I’ll start calling these occasional articles, wherein I directly criticize a single article in the Trumpet, the “Uncertain Sound” series. It’s from 1 Cor.: “For if the trumpet gave an uncertain sound, who would prepare himself for war…”, and I do believe you’ll find the soundness of the Trumpet to be uncertain. I did one on natural disasters, and as it turns out, the second one is on the same topic.

There is a long history of seeing the Hand of God in the natural world and weather patterns. Some natural events seem naturally to beg a divine explanation—such as a particularly large earthquake, or simply an ordinary earthquake in an unusual area (or at least they did before we knew about tectonic plates and fault lines). But there are other times when people see patterns where there simply are none. This is called clustering illusion. But when is nature, or weather, attributable to the Hand of God and when is it just the result of a chaotic world? Continue reading

History in Prophecy

I recently read a very interesting article by Brad Macdonald in the Trumpet Weekly (dated Oct. 7, 2010). Good old BradMac was touting the virtues and wonders of HWA’s revelatory abilities. He gushes about how Mr. Armstrong prophesied that “the American dollar would one day be in ‘jeopardy of being devalued‘” and this would “ultimately lead to ‘eventual economic collapse for the United States’” (obviously, emphasis theirs throughout). He goes on to laud Herbert’s faith in Bible prophecy being so strong that as early as the 1960s (1968, to be exact) he said WW III was already underway…but just the early part which would eventually wreck the US economy.

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We’re All Gonna Die! …Or Maybe Not.

S. D. Bruce

On Friday, December 21, 2012, human life will be obliterated from this planet—and guess what? We won’t even get the credit. The seas will vaporize into choking, blistering clouds of steam, obscuring the cataclysmic fusion of the tectonic plates below. Volcanic ash and molten stone will smother the world’s great cities while oceans of contaminated mud bury mountain villages, fertile farmland and suburban housing developments. Military bunkers will be crushed instantly as mountain ranges topple and merge with writhing valleys. The international space station will disintegrate within the first few seconds, but any astronauts on board won’t see the impact coming: spikes in coronal mass ejections from the sun will melt communications gear days before the ultimate blow. Within a year nothing will be left of our once-vibrant, frenzied globe but a chilled cinder wafting like scorched paper through the frozen void. … Continue reading

Natural Disasters are Natural Disasters

Eric Sell

There are many signs of the end listed in the Bible. There is an entire school of “thought” dedicated to deciphering the prophecies and signs of the end—eschatology. The enthusiastic eschatologists point to the increase in earthquakes and natural disasters (Luke 21:11) as a warning that “the end is near.” Of course, Matt 24:7 and Mark 13:8 put the emphasis on wars (nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom) more than the famine and pestilences. There are other places that say it will be a time of trouble such as has never been seen before. Yes, there’s more to the whole of eschatology than this, but these are the main signs of the end.

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