Does God Exist?–Armstrong’s Weak Sauce Theism

"Prove all things, bitches." I Thessalonians 5:21.

“Prove all things, bitches.” I Thessalonians 5:21.

The brand of theism preached by the churches of Armstrongism is different from mainstream theism in an important way. While most people who believe in God will readily admit they do so on the basis of faith, Armstrongists insist they can prove that God exists. But how special is this Armstrong-style theism really? Was it invented by Armstrong, or did he merely co-opt an obsolete ideology and put his stamp on it, as with so many of his other supposed innovations? Continue reading


Sex, Smack and Sodomy!–Fraser Bemoans “Mire of Murk”

Why write on subjects akin to that which the Apostle Paul observed of the Church should “not be once named among you”?

I have to ask that question on the rare occasion that I step into the mire of murk that our society has descended into and write a commentary or analysis on its current moral condition.

Why indeed?

Although he is dead, Ron Fraser of PCG is still our favorite BNP wannabe, jingoist anglophile. He’s also a great source for alliterative prose and, thanks to his prolific backlog of Trumpet articles, his assaults on English elements of style will live on in Internet infamy. The opening quote comes from an article recently shared to the Former PCG Members Facebook page, with which your dear editors are quite cozy. The denizens there gave it some attention, so I thought I’d take some time to beat it up a little here as well. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Ehrmagerd… Sterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

The success of the Hubble telescope proves that the atmosphere was intelligently designed to allow for stargazing… Wait. What?

PCG’s Stephen Flurry has done it again with his series The Trumpet Daily! As many of you may already know, Stephen actually has a Facebook page (which is article-worthy in and of itself). Recently he shared on his wall a year-old episode of The Trumpet Daily, entitled “Our Awesome Universe Potential”, wherein he attempts to argue for an intelligently designed Earth. And, as has been already well-established, anytime a CoG brain trust enters the slapdash field of Creationism, much incompetence and hilarity ensues.

As if to demonstrate this, Stephen begins with this howler (paraphrased in the video description): “The more we study and learn about our universe, the stronger the evidence becomes of an absolutely remarkable truth: There is an Author of the cosmos.”

Yes, he said “evidence”. And them’s fightin’ words ’round here. Let’s just take a stab at this “evidence” and see if it bleeds… … Continue reading.

Christopher Hitchens: Doubting Thomas

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"

It has taken me longer than I expected to write this. It is somewhat difficult to write a memorial for a man you never knew. Yet, somehow I felt that his passing was an important loss—yet why? Why was Christopher Hitchens important; was he important? Yes. Yes, he was important. What he had to say was important, for he has helped us all to see that not only is it OK to be a Doubting Thomas, but that we really must be one. – … Continue reading.

Get a Clue, PCG!–Your Latest Wandering Star is in Europe.

So, we’ve already revealed that PCG has a high-ranking potential defector in its midst. Eric let it slip last week that an unnamed regional director is covertly asking the kinds of questions that would get a sheep suspended or worse, and that this pastor’s flock is in the eastern hemisphere. Well, he has done it again! Perusing the comments, I found Eric’s loose tongue doing more of its scandalous work. Apparently, the regional director in question can be found discreetly waffling in the northern hemisphere! Take the northern hemisphere, divide by the western hemisphere, and subtract “the Asiatic hordes”. That leaves Europe. So…

Are you still here, Locher? Saranga? Amos? Flurry, Jr.?…Campbell (you’re not dead yet?)? You know who your quarry is now: consider this your Christmas present!

Go get ’em boys…Let the witch hunt begin!

…Oh, for fuck’s sake, you morons. His name is Matthew Robinson. Do we have to do all your work for you?

Now, go! Dispense Yahweh’s wrath.

Dazed and Confused–Regional Director of PCG Experiencing Doubts

This is a bit of an unusual posting, but then the circumstances surrounding it are a bit unusual.

Been dazed and confused so long it's not true...

Back in October, a suspended (and I suspect a soon-to-be Ex) member wrote up the following Paper and mailed it out to select people:

In the same way that Simon Magus started a church in his day and called it “God’s Church”, so has someone today, in the spirit of Simon Magus, started the Laodecian church and called it the PCG.

This backsliding daughter compasses a man (Jeremiah 31:22). That man is Mr. Flurry. The PCG and Flurry started well, but the PCG is backsliding now, compassing Mr. Flurry rather than what is in the Bible, and what Mr. Armstrong taught.

Let no man deceive you by any means (2 Thessalonians 2:3). And how are people easily deceived? By casually accepting everything the ministers say without testing the ministry (as we are told to do in Malachi’s Message), by not having a Berean attitude (Acts 17:11) to test whether those things are so, by not proving all things (I Thes. 5:21).

Let no man take your crown (Revelation 3:11). As we have been taught before, this says “let”. It isn’t taken without your letting it happen—by not proving, by not testing, by unquestioningly accepting.

It seems to be having an effect! In a convoluted manner, AD’s network of insiders has gained information that a Regional Director in the Eastern Hemisphere has read the short piece and is filled with doubt. It was unclear whether the Paper was the sole cause of the doubt, though that is doubtful–most likely it merely informed and enhanced an already existing “confusion” and feeling that “the PCG is going off track”.

Who is this Mystery RD? We’ve revealed one clue: Eastern Hemisphere. We shall reveal more clues in the coming weeks. Why these games? Because we suspect the powers that be in the PCG are reading our posts and we want to see if they figure out who it is before we reveal it…and what they may do about it!

So, where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego this Dazed and Confused RD? Stay tuned to find out!

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers!

One might be well within the bounds of reason to surmise that being disfellowshipped and Marked means our access to inside information for the PCG is severely limited, if not downright cut off completely. However, you would also be mistaken! You see, while the prospect of being cut off from friends and family does keep many in the “pews” (chairs), it is not a policy that engenders loyalty. So, in truth, PCG is merely keeping spies in their midst that would happily fade away given the chance.

More’s the pity.

However, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and that is where we come in. AD has a network of insiders passing us vital documents, like the most recent Co-Worker letter! … Continue reading.

The Plain Truth About Homosexuality–Part Two: Brad MacDonald Shows Contempt for the World

PCG's Young Ambassadors: totally not gay.

Last week, we gave you a brief outline of the history of homophobia that revealed its origins as part nature and (at least in the western world) part Christian nurture–for which we must be forever grateful to Emperor Constantine, friend to fools. Now that we know where homophobic bigotry in the West comes from, it is time to investigate the homophobia promulgated by our favorite Fundamentalist sect (and, of course, all the other Fundamentalist sects).

Oh, didn’t we mention that Armstrongism is just a Fundamentalist Christian sect, specifically an Adventist splinter-group, and therefore of Millerite origin–as in, followers of the very same Miller who gave us the Great Disappointment, and who himself was a Baptist preacher? Well, it is. There. So much for Armstrong’s version of “church history”. He wasn’t an apostle of the original church, he was just a nut cleaving to a heretical twig on the Baptist branch of the Jesus tree.

In fact there is exactly zero difference between Armstrongist teachings on homosexuality and those of mainstream Fundamentalist groups. They all utilize the same talking points, usually couched in identical turns of phrase. And their passionate bigotry hasn’t matured a fraction beyond the ignorant, ranting lunacy of 12th century Christianity. Without straining credulity in the slightest, one can imagine any of today’s hotheaded preachers bewailing (a la Bernard of Cluny) the fact “there are now far too many hermaphrodites.”

For an example of this reactionary nonsense from the throwback homophobe set, we turn to our trusty nemesis, the Trumpet. The latest offering of bullshit from Brad MacDonald (who enjoys the overweening title “columnist” without ever having had to complete any legitimate journalistic training–and it shows) is a petulant and effete complaint about the popularity of the television program Glee. His column, entitled “Flee Glee”, was taken off the front page almost immediately after it was posted, for reasons unknown. But one of our editors, the illustrious Jace, was able to retrieve it somehow (all I know is his methods involved something called a “TARDIS”), allowing us to shred it publicly for your enjoyment.

So, we will be devoting this entire second installment in The Plain Truth About Homosexuality series to untangling Brad’s mess and exposing the flaws in the underlying ideology. This is only a brief stopover, though: in subsequent installments we will delve deeply and seriously into the various homophobic myths that inflict our modern world. Consider this a comedy break if you like! So, without further ado, I present to you, Brad MacDonald, columnist… … Continue reading.

Desparate Measures–PCG’s Embrace of Worldly Punditry

Gerald finally gets the notoriety he deserves.

A newly published Trumpet article by one of our favorite PCG editorial tools (Brad MacDonald), entitled Welcome to the Fourth Reich, demonstrates better than most this sub-cult’s long-fermenting tryst with “worldly” ideologues and their convenient pronouncements. It is not necessary, surely, to point out that this relationship looks better on PCG’s resume than it would on that of her “lovers” (the biblical phraseology seems appropriate here, so please, bear with me–as creepy and sexist as it sounds). It is, in fact, a love affair that is wholly one-way. FOX “News”, for example, has never given PCG any lovin’ to speak of (though PCG has been “nailed” with some “fair and balanced” coverage on a local FOX affiliate station–once), nor have any of the other talking heads she refers to in her propaganda pieces.

Unrequited though her love may be, PCG does not appear in any sense jilted by the fact her lovers have nothing good to say about her. She still continues to mine their statements from afar, reading between the lines for hints of unconscious approval. And these hints she then weaves into grandiose claims of “worldly” confirmation of the Armstrongist world-view, which are subsequently fed to the little flock of credulous sheep she keeps around for fleecing purposes.

It all works so well, since these sheep never take it upon themselves to take a critical look at what it all means. They don’t ask the difficult questions and are therefore easily persuaded that a “worldly” authority’s seeming approval of cult dogma should count as irrefutable confirmation of everything they’ve been spoon-fed by Gerald and Co. But the kind of analysis that is foreign to sheep is precisely what we at AD are here for. So, we want to ask the following questions: (1) What is behind PCG’s reliance on “worldly” sources?, (2) Are they using those sources appropriately?, and (3) Are those sources reliable to begin with? … Continue reading.